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Grant Number(LG)04846Source Book:23
Grantee: Allen, W.F. Acreage:879 Acs
Ahupua`aHanalei Year1904
District:Halelea CancelledFalse
IslandKauai TMK
Statistics: 7384 characters 1105 words
No. 4846, Allen, W.F.,  Hanalei Ahupuaa, District of Halelea, Island of Kauai, Vol. 23, pps. 863-866 [LG Reel 9, 00570-00563.tif]

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Land Patent No. 4846 (Grant)
On Cash Purchase

By this Patent the Governor of the Territory of Hawaii, in Conformity with the Laws of the United States of America and of the Territory of Hawaii, makes known to all men that he has this day granted and confirmed unto W.F. Allen, for the consideration of Four Thousand & Fifty 00/100 Dollars, $4050.00/100 paid into the Treasury. And in conformity with Section 17 of Part IV of the Land Act of 1895, all of the land situate at Puupehu, in the District of Hanalei [sic], Island of Kauai, bounded and described as follows:

Puupehu Lot 2, Hanalei, Kauai
Sold at Public Auction September 3rd 1904
Beginning at a cross [cross with circle in center] on a large flat rock on North edge of pali overlooking Hanalei valley at a place called Puuonioni, the coordinates from Government Survey Trig Station “Pooku” are 2627.5 feet North and 2828.9 feet West, as shown on Government Survey Registered Map No. 2257, and running by true azimuths:
1. 195° 24' 5016.7 feet along Lot 1 to Kulaiki Point at high water mark of beach; thence along sea coast at high water mark, the true azimuth and distance being:
2. 307° 39' 1806.0 feet to rock at the Northeast corner of Land Commission Award 10328 to Nainoakua;
3. 89° 40' 185.5 feet along Land Commission Award 10328 to Nainoakua to a cross [cross with circle in center] on a rock;
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4. 4° 14' 350.5 feet along same; thence crossing the Aniani Stream and along Government Reserve to West corner of Land Commission Award 8224:1 to Iikuwa, the tru ....

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.... 4 feet to Kakalei;
65. 179° 42' 1991.4 feet to a [blank] on a large rock projecting 2 1/2 feet from ground a few feet mauka of Government road to Hanalei at a place called Kuweluwelu;
66. 100° 56' 703.0 feet to Kaalae;
67. 144° 27' 2832.9 feet to Koohai;
68. 141° 21' 2410.0 feet to Lanipuhi;
69. 107° 43' 530.5 feet crossing the Government road to Puuonioni, the initial point.
Area 879 Acres
From the foregoing described lot, the Government reserves the following rights:
1.    A strip fifty feet wide for the public main road passing through said lot.
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2.    A strip thirty feet side for a branch road from said public main road to the Government reservation at Aniani, near the sea shore.
3.    A strip thirty feet [wide?] for a branch road from said public main road to the proposed Forest Reserve adjoining the mauka side of said lot;
4.    Reserving the rights to Aniani Stream of the Kuleanas or Land Commission Awards at Aniani and water privileges for the Government reservation, near the sea shore, containing an area of 21 acres.

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Containing an area of 879 Acres, more or less

Have and to Hold the above granted Land, unto the said W.F. Alleln and his Heirs and assigns forever,

In Witness whereof, The Governor of the Territory of Hawaii, has hereto set his hand, and caused the Great Seal of the Territory to be hereunto affixed, this 6th day of October, A.D. 1904.

(Great Seal)

(signed) G.R. Carter
(signed) James W. Pratt, Commissioner of Public Lands

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[Land Patent Grant No. 4846, Allen, W.F.,  Hanalei Ahupuaa, District of Halelea, Island of Kauai, 879 Acres, 1904]