Land Grants

Grant Number(LG)03723Source Book:18
Grantee: Monsarrat, J.M. Acreage::3300 Acres
Ahupua`aPapa 2 Year1894/1914
District:Kona, South CancelledFalse
IslandHawaii TMK
Statistics: 5718 characters 897 words
No. 3723, Monsarrat, J.M., Papa 2 Ahupuaa, District of South Kona, Island of Hawaii, Vol. 18, pps. 681-683 [LG Reel 6, 01020-01023.tif]

No. 3723

Liliuokalani, By the Grace of God, Queen of the Hawaiian Islands, by this, her Royal Patent The Government of the Republic of Hawaii, by this, its Patent, makes known to all men, that She hath for herself, her heirs and successors, for the, in consideration of One ($1) Dollar, paid into the Royal Exchequer, all that certain piece of Land situated at   in the Island of  , and described as follows by James Melville Monsarrat, and by way of compromise and equitable settlement of the rights of said James Melville Monsarrat to certain portions of the Ahupuaa of Papa II, in South Kona, Island of Hawaii, inadvertently omitted from the Grant of said Ahupuaa of Papa II heretofore made to Kalama Kaopua Kaumuloa by Royal Patent Grant No. 3397, (the said James Melville Monsarrat, having succeeded to the rights of said Kalama Kaopua Kaumuloa in said Ahupuaa, and in consideration of the quit-claim back to the Government this day by said James Melville Monsarrat  of all the land covered by said Grant No. 3397, including certain lands covered by said Grant forming no part of said Ahupuaa of Papa II and inadvertently in ....

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.... e called Pohooo,
North 79° 30' East true 24250 feet more or less, to the Northeast corner of this land adjoining Kahuku.
Area 3300 Acres, more or less.

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Containing, Acres more or less; excepting and reserving to the Hawaiian Government, all mineral or metallic mines of every description.

To have and to hold the above granted Land in Fee Simple, unto the said James Melville Monsarrat, his Heirs and Assigns forever.

In Witness Ourself, at Honolulu, this day of 18, in the year of Our Reign Whereof, the president of the Republic of Hawaii has hereunto set his Hand, and caused the Great Seal of the Republic to be hereunto affixed, this 8th day of September A.D. 1914.

By the Queen President,
(signed) Sanford B. Dole
(signed) J. A. King
The Minister of the Interior

[Page 684]
We, the President and Executive Council of the Republic of Hawaii, authorize this grant.
/signed/ Sanford B. Dole
President of the Republic of Hawaii
/signed/ Francis M. Hutch
/signed/ J.A. King
/signed/ S.M. Damon
/signed/ William O. Smith
Executive Council of the Republic of Hawaii

[Land Patent Grant No. 3723, Monsarrat, J.M., Papa 2 Ahupuaa, District of South Kona, Island of Hawaii,  3300 Acres, 1914]