Boundary Commission

1873 029 Lane, W.C.
Certification: 029
Ahupua`a: Makao
District: Koolauloa
Island: Oahu
Ownership: Lane, W.C.
Year: 1873
Statistics: 6317 characters 1061 words
Makao Ahupuaa, District of Koolauloa, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, Oahu, Volume No. 1, p 168-169

Boundaries of Makao, in Koolauloa, Oahu

To the Commissioner of Boundaries, Oahu
I desire a settlement of the boundaries of “Makao” in the District of Koolauloa, Oahu. The land claimed by me is described in the accompanying survey marked “A” comprising 176 Acres, which I hold by purchase from Mr. McDonna.

The names of the adjoining lands are Hauula on the west side, a Crown land and leased to a native named M. Kuaea for fifty years. The land on the east side is Kapaka belonging to our present King and leased for 99 years to the late Judge Robertson.
Respectfully yours, W.C. Lane
Makao, July 28, 1873

Notes of Survey of a Land called Makao, Koolauloa, Oahu, made for and a/c of H. McDonna, Esquire.

Commencing at the north and westerly corner of this land, at a coral rock buried, a short distance above high water mark on the westerly side of the River, running from thence
South 30° 30' West 6 73/100 chains running along near the westerly side of wet land, thence
South 6° East 3 33/100 chains near swamp land, thence
South 50° 30' West61/100 chains, thence
South 25° 30' West 3 14/100 chains to a certain stone wall on the boundary between this land & Hauula, thence
South 1° West 2 65/100 chains following along said stone wall, thence
South 13° 30' West 5 31/100 chains along stone wall, thence
S ....

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.... r of the land of Hauula and runs thence
South 31° 30' West 465 feet, thence
South 8° East along Hauula 146 feet, thence
South 50° 45' West along Hauula 128 feet to hala tree, thence
South 21° 35' West along Hauula 305 feet along path, thence
South 5° 50' West along Hauula 205 feet, thence
South 14° 35' West along Hauula 286 feet, thence
South 30° 25' West along Hauula 590 feet to point on south side of ancient grave, thence
South 37° 30' West along Hauula 590 feet to the North side of stone wall at the bottom of cliff, thence along top of a ridge, practically inaccessible to peak bearing South 37° 30' West said ridge dividing Makao from Hauula on mauka side.

The North East boundary of this land commences at the North West corner of Kapaka at the sea shore and runs thence,
South 29° 15' West along Kapaka 1064 feet, thence
South 37° 30' West along Kapaka 1100 feet, thence
South 27° 30' West along Kapaka 475 feet, thence
South 44° West along Kapaka 640 feet, thence
South 38° West along Kapaka 715 feet, thence to another peak in said ridge known as Waiahilahila. The north boundary of this land is high water mark.
Said to contain 176 acres, more or less.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand at Honolulu, this 28th day of August, A.D. 1873
Lawrence McCully, Commissioner of Boundaries, Oahu.

[No. 29, Makao Ahupuaa, District of Koolauloa, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, 176 acres, 1873]