Boundary Commission

1874 096 Ii, Airine Haalou
Certification: 096
Ahupua`a: Waikiki & Honolulu
District: Kona
Island: Oahu
Ownership: Ii, Airine Haalou
Year: 1874
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Pawaa Ili, Waikiki Ahupuaa and Aipaako Lele in Nuuanu, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, Oahu, Volume 1, No. 2, pps 200-202

Boundaries of the Ili of Pawaa, in Waikiki, and of the Lele of Aipaako in Maemae, Nuuanu Valley, island of Oahu

Estate of John Ii

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Honolulu, August 20th 1873
To. Lawrence McCully Esquire, Commissioner of Boundaries for the Island of Oahu, Hawaiian Islands.

The petition of A.F. Judd, of Honolulu, Island of Oahu, aforesaid and J. Komoikehuehu, of Waipio, District of Ewa, Guardians of Airine Haalou Ii, devisee of John Ii, respectfully represents as follows:

That she is the owner of the Ili Aina of Pawaa situated in Waikiki, Island of Oahu aforesaid; that the same was awarded by name to John Ii, deceased, by Land Commission Award No. 8241, alsoof the Lele of Aipaako situated in Maemae Nuuanu Valley, land Commission Award No. [left blank] granted to [left blank], that previous to his death, John Ii made a will in which he bequeathed and devised the said Ili Aina of Pawaa and the said Lele of Aipaako to Airine Haalou Ii, a minor, and by virtue of the probate thereof she now owns and claims the same.

That Your Petitioners were duly appointed guardians of the said Airine Haalou Ii, a minor.

That the said Ili Aina of Pawaa is bounded by the Government Road,
By the land of Kalia, [owned by] Government
By the land belonging to J.L. Lewis (the Cooper)
By the land belonging to General Miller
By the land belonging to Kainiakaipu
By the land of Kapeau.

And the said lele of Aipaako is bounded by the Valley of Makiki
And the adjoining hills

[page 201]
that the annexed survey is an accurate description by metes and bounds of the said Ili Aina of Pawaa, and of the said Lele of Aipaako, claimed by Your Petitioners; And Your Petitioners respectfully prays [sic] that the said boundaries as set forth may be decided and certified to by Your Honor, the Commissioner, as the boundaries of the said lands and that the certificate as required by law may issued to Your Petitioners, certifying the boundaries of the said lands as above described, and that a day and an hour may be appointed by Your Honor, the Commissioner, for the hearing of this Application, and that all parties interested may have notice.
And your Petitioner will ever pray &c.
A.F. Judd
One of the Guardians of Airine Haalou Ii.

Court House, Honolulu, March 19th 1874

Present: A.F. Judd for petitioner, with Professor Alexander, the surveyor in the case. Professor Alexander also represents Government. Notices issued to Lukilikea, wahine and Pu said to have interests contiguous.

Professor Alexander presents a map of survey of “Government Lands in Kewalo and Pawaa” including some of the lands in this petition.

No. 2. “Anapuni”
Professor Alexander, sworn, says, This piece is bounded on makai end by Royal Patents, viz. 2270 to Moku, Grant 153 to E.W. Clark, No. 2387 to John Meek, since purchased by Government. Thence along the land claimed by Estate of Kamehameha V called Opu, or Makiki; thence North East between this and Opu, there is a large auwai ancient. I took this on the authority of Kamaaina Kuoi, the people of the vicinity all concurring and a fence, straight line. This I took for the boundary here, starting from a large rock coming to a fence, following the fence 219 feet to lot occupied by a Portuguee, this point is doubtful; Mr. Judd consents to the line as laid in the survey, which excludes the Portuguee's house; thence through the lot, 9th course of survey; 10th course on authority of Kuoi, with consent of Manu, who acts for Kamehameha V Estate. 11th course, controlled by natural line, the line I have taken

To Folio 256

Pawaa Ili, Waikiki Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, Oahu, Volume 1, No. 2, pps 256-257

Pawaa & Aipaako

From folio 201

Brings this to adjoin Royal Patent 4519, now the property of Reverend H. Parker, the boundary of which is a stream, a slanting direction across the taro patches here would have left a narrow strip between in an improbable way.
12th course follows the stream;
13th course runs to Kahuahale, in straight line along edge of quite a pali & gully, following award given by Kamakau for Makiki.
14th course along Cocoland, a division of the Punahou Royal Patent 1931 to come where stone wall comes to the road, ancient wall;
15th along wall bordering road to beginning, all as per survey & notes.
I had all the Royal Patents and my survey accords with them.

Kuoi, sworn, Was born in time of Kamehameha I at Punahou (This witness is an old man, was employed in Kalawahine case), Know Anapuni and Opu, the boundary is the kahawai a fence there now, the auwai is the boundary.

The taro patches called Kauhi Kuekue, the line runs through them ....

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.... s; East 784 feet along Estate of K.V. [Kamehameha V]
VIII. North 44° 16' East594 feet along Estate of K.V.
IX. South 40° 47' East 219 feet along Estate of K.V. across stream to a concrete post by the wall;
X. North 50° 30' East 43 feet along to taro land, called KauhiKueKue
[page 279];
XI. South 43° 6' East 67 feet along Kuauna;
XII. North 44° 38' East 485 feet to a marked stonenear corner of stone wall;
XIII. North 69° 23' East 1111 ½ feet to a redwood post at the upper corner of this land;
XIV. South 42° 5' West 1566 feet along Castle & Cooke's land to corner of stone walls on Manoa Road;
XV. South 45° 7' West 1097 feet along Manoa road & stone wall to place of commencement
N.B. The above are true and not magnetic bearings.

Section III. “Miki” Area 34 39/100 acres
Beginning at corner of King Street and Waikiki road the boundary runs
I. North 68° 43' West Magnetic 77 ¾° West 283 feet along King St. thence
II. South 24° 4' West Magnetic South 16° West 756 feet along stone wall;
III. South 28° 56' East Magnetic South 38° East 53 feet along Grant 2057;
IV. South 29° West Magnetic South 20° West 255 feet along Grant 2057;
V. North 62° 12' West Magnetic North 71 ¼° West 254 feet along Grant 2057, along auwai;
VI. North 35° 32' West Magnetic North 44 ½° West 39 feet along Grant 2057, along Kuauna;
VII. South 86° 14' West Magnetic South 77 ½° West 1342 feet along Grant 2057 along Kuauna to fence;
VIII. North 79° 54' West Magnetic North 89° West 199 feet along Kuauna to fence;
IX. South 5° 32' West Magnetic South 5° East 145 feet along Grant 2341 to General Miller;
X. South 19° 26' West Magnetic South 10 ¼° West 242 feet along grant 2341 along iron fence;
XI. South 13° 12' West Magnetic south 5 ½° West 107 feet along Opu fishpond;
XII. South 3° 46' East Magnetic South 12 ½° 160 feet along Opu fishpond;
XIII. South 27° 01' West Magnetic South 18° West 203 feet along Opu fishpond to a concrete post at lower, west corner of this. The true bearings from this concrete post to Station 2nd being North 36° 28' East;
XIV. South 42° 19' East 325 feet along Grant 2790 to L. Kamehameha;
XV. South 52° 25' East 204 feet along Grant 2790 to L. Kamehameha;
XVI. South 81° 50' East 531 feet along Grant 2790 to L. Kamehameha; thence
XVII. North 76° 54' East 260 feet along award 32F.L. [Fort land]
XVIII. North 52° 18' East 118 feet along Award 32 F.L. along auwai;
XIX. North 2° 37' West 755 feet along award 32 F.L. Royal Patent 3715, Royal Patent 3961 to Royal Patent 2210, thence [page 280]
XX. North 35° 01' East 80 feet along grant 2609 to Kahula;
XXI. North 13° 34' West 62 feet along Grant 2364 to Kapeau lot;
XXII. North 29° 24' East 118 feet along Grant 2364 the Kapeau lot;
XXIII. North 31° 12' East 310 feet along Grant 2364 to Waikiki road;
XXIV. North 0° 28' West 545 feet along Government Road to place of commencement.
The mean Magnetic declination being 9 ¼° East

Section IV, being part of “Miki,” Area 1 5/100 Acres
Beginning at a concrete post, on the lower side of King street, adjoining Grant 2616 to J. Ii, the boundary runs
I. North 68° 50' West 228 feet along King Street to stream, Magnetic North 78° West
II. South 4° 14' West 421 feet along Waikiki Road to a redwood post by stone wall;
III. North 35° 54' West 415 feet along Grant 2616 to point of commencement.

Section V. “Kauhaki,” Area 4 2/10 Acres
Beginning at the corner of Grant 2616 and grant 2870, the boundary runs:
I. South 48° East Magnetic South 57° East 89 feet along Grant 2870 to L. McCully
II. South 6° East magnetic South 15° East 77 feet along Grant 2870 to L. McCully;
III. South 58° 30' East Magnetic South 67 ½° East 536 feet to Maumea's corner, the marked stone;
IV. South 43° 17' East Magnetic South 52° East 111 feet along award 6716 to Haumea, to a stone;
V. South 45° 30' West Magnetic South 36 ¼° West 286 feet along Grant 3098 to L. McCully;
VI. North 52° West Magnetic North 61 ½° West 208 feet along Royal Patent 103 to G.P. Judd, along fence;
VII. North 41° 7' West Magnetic North 50 ½° West 636 feet along Royal Patent 103, to G.P. Judd, along fence;
VIII. North 63° 12' East Magnetic North 54 ½° East 202 feet along Grant 2616 to place of commencement
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand at Honolulu this 16th day of July A.D. 1874.
Total Area 250 8/10 acres.
Lawrence McCully, Boundary Commissioner, Oahu


[No. 96, Pawaa Ili and Aipako Lele of Nuuanu, Waikiki and Honolulu Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, 5 apana, Apana 1, 174 9/10 acres; Apana 2, 36 24/100 acres; Apana 3, 34 39/100 acres; Apana 4, 1 5/100 acres; Apana 5; 4 2/10 acres; (Total) 250 8/10 acres; 1874]