Boundary Commission

Certification: 078
Ahupua`a Maunalua
District: Kona
Island Oahu
Ownership: Bishop, Bernice Pauahi
Year: 1884
Statistics: 5792 characters 976 words
Maunalua Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, Oahu, Volume 2, pps 94-97

In the Matter of the Boundaries of “Maunalua” in KonaIsland of Oahu


Honolulu April 28th, 1884

To: R.F. Bickerton Esquire, Commissioner of Boundaries for the island of Oahu:
The undersigned respectfully represents that the land of Maunalua, Kona, Oahu, was awarded to Victoria Kamamalu in land Commission Award 7713 by name, without survey, and that the boundaries of the same have never been settled.

The adjoining lands are: the Ahupuaa of Waimanalo, Koolaupoko and the land of Kuliouou being part of the Ili of Wailupe, Waikiki, both of which belong to the Crown, as shown on the Map herewith enclosed.

Your petitioner claims that the survey herewith enclosed is a correct description of the land of Maunalua by metes and bounds, and respectfully asks that a day and an hour be set for hearing the case, that all parties interested may have due notice, and that the certificate of boundaries, as by law provided, be issued to your petitioner.
Yours respectfully,
signed Charles R. Bishop for Bernice Pauahi Bishop [page 95]

Honolulu May 28th, 1884

Notice of time and place of hearing having been advertised as follows:

Boundary Commission Notice
Proper application having been made to the undersigned ....

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.... ollows, viz.:

Commencing at a point on the sea shore 238 feet West from the West angle of the wall of the Fish Pond on the sea shore, the boundary runs along the land of Kuliouoo.

1. North 15° 6' West 858 feet to the summit of a ridge called Puoahi; thence along ridge;
2. North 6° 0' West 1656 feet; thence
3. North 11° 8' west 1683 feet; thence
4. North 9° 34' West 787 feet; thence in a bent line along ridge to a point north 1° 8' West distant 1110 feet; thence
5. North 26° 55' west 494 feet; thence in a bent line along ridge to a point North 0° 17' west distant 890 feet; thence up along same ridge bounded by the land of Kuliouoo to its junction with high ridge at a [page 97]peak bearing North 23° 40' West; thence along summit of high ridge in an easterly direction, bounded by the land of “Waimanalo” in Koolau, across the road from Honolulu by Diamond Head to Koolau & down to the sea at the end of the ridge at a point bearing North 75° 0' East from said crossing of road; thence around along sea shore & wall of Fish Pond to point of Commencement.
Area 7464 Acres

Richard F. Bickerton, Commissioner of Boundaries for Island of Oahu
Dated, Honolulu, June 13th 1884

Cost $29.-
Cost paid June 26th 1884

[No. 78, Maunalua Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, 7464 acres, 1884]