Boundary Commission

Ahupua`a Palolo
District: Kona
Island Oahu
Ownership: Keekapu & Pauhai
Year: 1865
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Kekio Ili, Palolo Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, Oahu, Volume No. 1, pps 127-132

Record of Proceedings of the Commissioners of Boundaries, on application of Keekapu & her husband Pauahi to decide & certify to the Boundaries of Kekio, Palolo, Oahu.

Application was received on 17 day of June 1865 & survey of the land.

June 22. Board met at their office to hear testimony in regard to land claimed by Kahai, as being a portion of Pahoa, which is included in Survey of Keekapu on part of Kekio. Keekapu failing to produce her witnesses, the following testimony was taken on the part of Kahai.

Kalua, wahine, sworn, I live on Kamooiliili & have lived in Honolulu since 1823. I lived on Pahoa many years up to the time that John Young died.

I know the boundaries from my father, Kualehu, who was the Luna of Pahoa, under Olohena, the father of John Young. Kekio does not extend down makai to the Government road leading to Waialae, but Pahoa runs there & is bounded by Kapahulu. The boundary commences on that road leading to Waialae at a rock called Punahaha, which is a short distance makai of the Road & from there it runs mauka to a rock called Pohaku o Iole, from thence to a rock called Koloa & thence to a rock called Piliamoo.

Haole, sworn, I have lived on Mooiliili since 1850. I learned the boundaries of Pahoa from Kuaana, who was the son of Kualehu, the Luna of Pahoa. The boundary is the same as Kalua has testified to.

June 26. The board met at house of Keekapu on Kekio.

Present: Keekapu, Kahai & witnesses.

The proceeded on to the land in dispute between Kekio & Pahoa & went over the boundaries.

The boundary pointed out by Kalua, differed slightly from that she described in her testimony June 22. Instead of running direct from the rock Punahaha to Pohaku o Iole, it follows an old path crossing the Government road & leading mauka to a certain pile of stones & from thence to Pohaku o Iole.

After examining the boundaries the Board returned to the house of Keekapu & took the following testimony on the part of Keekapu, as to the boundaries of her land, Kekio.

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Upepe, sworn, I have lived on Palolo, since the Fort in Honolulu was built. Lahaina was the Konohiki of Kekio before Pehu, the former husband of Keekapu. I lived with Lahaina & he showed me the boundaries of Kekio.

The boundary of Kekio runs to Pohaku o Iole & thence to Pohaku Makahuna & thence to Pohaku Punahaha near Government road & path leading mauka to Palolo.

Cross-questioned by Kahai
I was born on Hawaii at Kohala.

Hoaa, wahine, sworn, I have lived on Palolo, since the death of Kamehameha I. I learned the boundaries of Kekio from my husband, Mahana, who was Luna under Lahaina & Pehu.

The boundary of Kekio runs from Pohaku o Iole to Pohaku Makahuna, which is near an old footpath leading to Manoa thence to Pohaku Nahaha. Kekio is on the East side, Pahoa on the West.

Cross-examined by Kahai
I separated from my husband soon after Kamehameha I died.

June 29. Board met at office.

Present: Kahai, Keekapu failed to attend.

Kaakao, wahine, on part of Kahai, I live on Kamooiliili. I was born on Pahoa. I know the boundaries of Pahoa from Kualehu, who was formerly the Luna & had charge of Pahoa. The boundary of Paho ....

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.... unding Keekapu's house lot, on its westerly side always bounded by land called Wailupe;
South 42° West 916 feet to a rock on West side of Palolo road;
South 64° 30' West 760 feet to a large rock near road called Pohaku o Iole; thence following along Palolo road to its junction with the Government road leading to Honolulu, as follows:
South 28° 15' West 179 feet;
South 43° west 600 feet;
South 54° 45' West 712 feet, from thence
South 72° 30' East 3195 feet, following the main Government Road to a monument of stone, on the Northerly side of the Road; thence
North 7° 30' East to the top of a round hill called [page 32] Maomae; thence following along upper edge of Pali, bounding Palolo Valley on its easterly side to a point on ridge called Paeina, thence
North 62° West down side of Pali, to point of commencement.

Apana 2
Lele of Kekio, situate on Waikiki Kai
Commencing at low water mark on sea, at South and westerly corner of this land, & on the corner of land called Hamohamo; Thence
North 35° 15' East 19 60/100 chains to the corner of a coral wall, which forms the boundary, between this land & Kaneloa; thence
South 40° East 11 chains &
South 40°[?] East 70 links following said coral wall; thence
South 36° 30' West 7 61/00 chains &
South 74° West 27/100 chains &
South 81° 30' West 3 24/100 chains;
South 72° West 6 chains to low water mark, passing along boundary of Pukele, near the westerly side of the muliwai, from thence following along the sea to point of commencement.

Apana 3
Lele of Kekio, called Kapua, situate on Waikiki Kai.
Commencing on the sea, at the West corner of this land & on the corner of land called Kaneloa, running from thence
North 57° East 1600 feet bounded by Kaneloa; thence
South 6° 30' East 800 feet to a Heiau; thence
South 310 feet, following along said heiau; thence
South 11° East 430 feet;
South 29° East 780 feet to the East corner of this land, always bounded by Kapahulu, thence
South 54° West 600 feet to the sea, bounded by Kaluahole, thence following sea to point of commencement, comprising an Area of 50 65/100 acres.

Apana 4
Lele of Kekio, situate at the head of Palolo Valley.
Commencing on westerly side of Palolo Valley, on the top of the Ridge, dividing Manoa from Palolo Valley, at a certain Peak called Kaaoeleele; thence following said ridge mauka to Peak on Koolau ridge of mountain, called Kanealihi; thence following along top of Koolau ridge to Peak called Palikea, which is the Northeasterly corner of this land; thence running makai on top of Ridge separating this land from Waiamao, to hill called Pohakueleele; thence passing down the westerly side of said hill to a point on the River called Waihii; thence following up River to a large Rock called Kahaopapa; thence passing mauka, over hills called Ka[illegible] Puniki & Puumakani, & along an old path to Waipakiki, bounded by Pukele, thence following up to point of commencement on Kaaoelele.
W.H. Pease
J.W. Makalena

[No number, Kekio Ili, Palolo Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, Apana 1, Kekio Ili, no amount; Apana 2, Waikiki kai lele of Kekio, no amount; Apana 3, Kapua Lele, 50 65/100 acres.; Apana 4, Palolo Valley Lele of Kekio; no amount; boundary was issued, 1865]