Boundary Commission

1881 060 Tripp, Rosalie
Certification: 060
Ahupua`a: Honolulu
District: Kona
Island: Oahu
Ownership: Tripp, Rosalie
Misc: portion
Year: 1881
Statistics: 4640 characters 742 words
Kaliu Ili (Tripp portion), Honolulu Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, Oahu, Volume 1, No. 2, pps. 424-426 [kumupono reel 3, 241-242.tifs]

In the matter of the Application of Rosalie Tripp, for the settlement of Boundaries of the Ili of Kaliu, Land Commission Award No. 8525B to J. A. Kauwa


Honolulu, August 8th, 1881
To. R.F. Bickerton, Esquire, Commissioner for the Island of Oahu.
Will you please to decide the boundaries of my piece of land in the Ili of Kaliu (Award 8525B to J.A. Kauwa), Honolulu, Oahu . the adjoining owners are viz.: on makai side by Kaumiumi now owned by Pepe (wahine) ; on mauka side by Kuainanea kuleana, on Southeast or Waikiki side by Luka now owned by Kama (kane) and Pehi (wahine); and Kalai, now owned by David Kahoena, on the Northwest or Ewa side by Kahapii, now owned by James Makua.

I herewith submit a survey of the above mentioned piece of land.
I am, Respectfully,
Signed, Rosalie Tripp

Office of the Boundary Commissioners for the Island of Oahu
No. 38 Merchant St. August 11th 188 ....

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.... ore fully appear by reference to the records of this matter by me kept in book No. 1, page 424, and it appearing to my satisfaction that the true, lawful, and equitable boundaries are as follows, viz.:

Commencing at the East corner of this piece, at angle of fence adjoining the North corner of Luka's portion and running:

1. South 44° 38' West magnetic 199.4 feet along Luka's & Kala's purchases, along fence to Kaumiumi's fence; thence
2. North 43° 50' West magnetic 71.9 feet along Kaumiumi's portion along fence; thence
3. North 46° 32' East magnetic 167.2 feet along Kahoopii's portion along fence to angle of same at North corner of Kapahukepau's [?]; thence
4. South 69° 34' East magnetic 71.9 feet along Paki; Kaluaimanea & Brown, along fence to initial point.
Area 24/100 Acres

Witness my hand this 11th day of August 1881
Richard F. Bickerton, Commissioner of Boundaries for the Island of Oahu.

[No. 60, Kaliu Ili (Rosalie Tripp portion), Honolulu Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission,.24 Acre, 1881]