Boundary Commission

Certification: 035
Ahupua`a Honolulu
District: Kona
Island Oahu
Ownership: Haalelea, A.A.
Misc: portion
Year: 1873
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Kalawahine Ili (Haalelea portions), Honolulu Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, Oahu, Volume No. 1, pps. 160-161

Boundaries of “Kalawahine: Application of Mrs. Haalelea

Honolulu, July 28th 1873
To Lawrence McCully, Esquire, Commissioner of Boundaries for the Island of Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
[margin note:] filed July 28, 1873

The Undersigned respectfully represents that she is the owner of the Ahupuaa called Kalawahine, situated in the District of Kona, Island of Oahu, aforesaid: that the same was awarded by name to Mikahale [Mikahela] Kekauonohi, deceased, by Land Commission Award No. 11215; that the same has not been awarded by the Land Commission, patented or conveyed by deed from the King by boundaries described in such award, patent or deed; and therefore she respectfully requests that the boundaries of said Ahupuaa may be settled by Your Honorable Commission and to that end makes this application to have the same decided and certified by you as Commissioner of Boundaries as aforesaid.

Pursuant to the requirements of the Statute, the undersigned applicant represents that the name of the land is Kalawahine, in the District of Kona, Island of Oahu, aforesaid; that the following are the names of the adjoining lands and the names of the Owners of the same, so far as known to the undersigned applicant, to wit:

Ahupuaa of Auwaiolimu; Crown land
Kewalo, Estate of Kamakee, deceased
Kaokaukukui, Estate of His late Majesty Kamehameha V, deceased
Pauoa, Valley

In the Ili of Iwilei, in the Ahupuaa of Kalawahine, adjoining proprietors of kuleanas: [page 161]
Paele, William Sumner, Kuwili, Kaia and Kalaeloa

Proprietors adjoining the six Lots claimed within the Ahupuaa of kalawahine:
R. Gilleland, Estate Kalama, William Ka, Ioane Akina; Holt Estate, Banning, Mahana Makahopu, Mrs. C.R. Bishop, Estate of His Late Majesty Kamehameha V, deceased, Kamaile & John Makini.

A full description of the boundaries as claimed is set forth as the Three (3) maps, or plots of said Ahupuaa of Kalawahine, accompanying this Application and which the undersigned prays may be made a part of this, her application.
Very Respectfully,
A.A. Haalelea, By her attorney at Law, R.H. Stanley.

Hoolaha Komisina Palena Aina
Ke Haiia aku nei, Ua noiia mai e hooponopono a e hooiaio i na palena o ka ili o Kalawahine. E hooloheia keia noi ma ka hora 11 o ka Poaha, ka la 23 o Augate 1873, ma ka Hale Hookolokolo, Honolulu, a ma ia manawa a ma ia wahi, e hooloheia na mea a pau, ke kuleana lakou.
L. McCully, Komisina Palena Aina o Oahu, Honolulu, Iulai 30, 1873, 610 3t 612

Boundary Commission, Oahu
Notice is hereby given that application has been made to the Undersigned to define and settle the boundaries of the Ili Aina of Kalawahine, Honolulu and that the matter will be heard at 11 o'clock A.M. Thursday, the 28th day of August, 1873, at the Court House in Honolulu at which time and place all parties interested will be heard.
Lawrence McCully, Boundary Commissioner of Oahu
Honolulu, July 31, 1873
1446 8t

On filing the aforesaid application and the accompanying maps, on the 30th of July the above notices were given and published in the Gazette and Kuokoa for three weeks.

Court House, Honolulu
August 28th 1873
Received a note from R.H. Stanley, Esquire, attorney for Petitioner dated at Maui, and asking a continuance as he could not then be present. Mr. J.H. Coney appears and asks the same. No others' appearance is made.

The case is therefore continued to September 17th @ 11.a.m.

Notice to Governor Dominis as agent of Crown Lands, and one of the Administrators of His late Majesty Kamehameha V Estate

To folio 221

Kalawahine, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, Oahu, Volume No. 1, pps. 221-233

from Folio 161

Court House, Honolulu, September 17th 1873

Present for the Petitioner J.H. Coney, her Agent, and R.H. Stanley, attorney at law; W.D. Alexander for the Government; J.N. Makalena

C.J. Lyons, sworn for Petitioner
Am a surveyor, Surveyed portion of Kalawahine, all that is supposed to remain to the Konohiki, Mrs. Levi Haalelea. The tract of land called Iwilei is a part of Kalawahine. It is the portion on the sea coast, adjoining Kahololoa on the West. In making the survey I had some natives living on the land for guides, and took their united testimony. Cannot recall their names. They were agreed as to description, except In making the survey I had sundry patents and awards which I endeavored to follow, examining the land Commission records. I remember Harbottle, Uweia, Paele, Kekai and William Sumner and made my notes of survey according to the showing by the native witnesses and the descriptions in the awards or patents.

The survey, marked A, begins at centre of a well established coral rock and comes down the middle of an old auwai; thence on old kuauna to fish pond, following Kekai's patent; then follows outside wall of pond to Sumners board fence (the pond belonging to His late Majesty) where it meets Sumners boundary. Kaholaloa, the award of which I followed. My description in notes being quoted from the Survey of said award – to a pile of stones at extreme South or Southwest corner of this lot. This line may be different as the variation of compass may be taken, but I am of opinion that the proper and original line of awarded to Kahololoa, is that which brings the Southwest corner to said pile of stones for otherwise the line along the East shore of the island would extend beyond its obvious fixed natural limit. The line along said island to the West corner is in conformity to the Kaholaloa award. Thence along a portion of the sea called Molokahana, following foundation of an ancient fish pond wall. (Molokahana is said to belong to W.L. Moehonua.) to where it joins the wall of fish pond, Kuwili; well defined; thence along that wall to corner of Kaia's kuleana, between it another Harbottle kuleana, along Hueia & Paele to beginning. My particular description & survey follows records with the [page 222] foregoing general description.

Kaena, sworn, I live on Kalawahine; have lived there eight years; came to Oahu when Leleohoku died and lived at Palama. I know that Iwilei is an Ili of Kalawahine. I know its boundaries and pointed them out to Lyons surveyor (No, I was with the surveyor and was shown the boundary), Paele & co. pointed out the boundaries. The piece of land that was surveyed was Iwilei.

The testimony concerning Iwilei is here suspended and it is proceeded to examine as to the Mauka portion of Kalawaine; the Pauoa & Moopili sections. The surveyors map is before the commissioners.

C.J. Lyons, witness, Map of the Pauoa & Moopili sections of Kalawahine marked B, was made by me. My native kamaaina guide was P. Naone. I also asked one Mahoe & Makalena some questions. Naone pointed out the boundaries as here laid down. I had in my possession the original draft of a plot of survey of 1851 or thereabouts of Kaakukui [Kaakukui with insert of Kau above it between Kaa and Kukui; Kaakaukukui] by William Webster, which joins Kalawahine on the North, also copy of a plot filed in the Supreme Court in the Kewalo case of Kewalo by Job Kehema[?], by which it was shown that a portion of Kalawahine lay on the Moopili ridge.

Recess from 1 to 2 p.m.
Also by Webster's survey it appears that it joins Kaakaukui on the South. Webster's survey is not incorporated in any award.

My survey is made according to the direction of Naone as kamaaina. It coincides substantially with the Webster survey.

My survey begins at a point where a foot path coming down from Moopili comes to bottom of gulch called Poopoo; thence goes up onto & follows Moopili Ridge till it comes to edge of Makaki [Makiki] Valley, to point called Nahuina, along Government land Pawaa – thence along a well defined single ridge, dividing Pauoa valley from Makiki valley to the top of PuuOhia or Tantalus.

Mr. Alexander says that perhaps this line joins John Ii's Estate at this place; and Mr. Judd comes in for said Estate and says nolo contendere; that the line as shown by testimony & awarded by the commission will be satisfa ....

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.... lliam Ka's lot at a point which is North 35° 20' West true 299 feet from west angle of mauka abutment of said Nuuanu Street bridge; thence
1. South 49° 30' west true 81 feet to East corner of Vineyard lot;
2. North 35° 45' West true 377 feet along line of Vineyard lot;
3. North 71° 30' East true 87 feet along Royal Patent 144; [Makahopu wahine]
4. South 27° 40' East true 132 feet along Mahana lot;
5. South 39° 30' East true 215 feet along William Ka's lot to point of beginning containing 61/100 acre.

Lot No. 3
Beginning at point which is North 15° west (true) 470 feet from said abutment of bridge; thence
1. North 26° 20' West true 185 feet along line of William Ka;
2. North 47° 00' East true 50 feet along line of William Ka;
3. North 85° 00' East true 44 feet along line of William Ka;
4. South 51° 00' East true 73 feet along line of William Ka's;
5. South 30° 00' East true 119 feet along William Ka's;
6. South 64° 15' West true 130 feet along Ioane Akina to point of beginning, containing 52/100 acre.

Lot No. 4
Beginning at point North 31° 40' West true 814 feet from the said abutment, and North 25° 30' East true 153 feet from the North corner of Vineyard lot and running thence

1. North 45° 50' East true 100 feet along Mahana's lot;
2. South 67° 00' East true 18 feet along Mahana's lot;
3. North 43° 30' East 82 feet along Mahana's lot;
4. South 9° 30' West 75 feet along William Ka's;
5. South 24° 00' East true 142 ½ feet along William Ka's;
6. South 65° 30' West true 117 feet along Ka & Mahana;
7. North 31° 40' west true 158 feet along Kaukoku kuleana to point of beginning containing 54/100 acre.
[page 231]
p. 318

Lot No. 5
Beginning at the West corner of Mrs. C.R. Bishop's lot at a point North 16° West true 227 feet from North corner of Gilliland's and running

1. South 82° 00' West true 860 feet along Royal Patent 1230 (Kalama)
2. South 55° 00' West true 59 feet along Royal Patent 1230 (Kalama)
3. South 43° 30' West 28 feet along Royal Patent 1230 (Kalama)
4. South 3° 00' West 101 feet to West corner of same;
5. South 63° West true 50 feetto angle of Keaweloahi;
6. North 28° West true 125 feet to angle of Kaha, Royal Patent 2660;
7. North 24° 30' West true 222 feet to North angle of same in river;
8. North 60° East true 7 feet along Royal Patent 1759; [Naiamaneo]
9. North 32° 15 East true 98 feet along Royal Patent 1759;
10. North 58° 15' East true 120 feet along Royal Patent 1759;
11. North 41° East true 20 feet along Royal Patent 1759;
12. South 40° East true 35 feet along Apana 5 of Kalakini to South corner of stone embankment; thence
13. South 64° 50' East true 211 feet to angle to A. Paki's lot;
14. South 27° West true 192 feet along said lot to point of beginning (A lot awarded to Kalama, Royal Patent 5662 is in the interior of this lot No. 5 and not included in the content) Containing 1 9/10 acres.

Lot No. 6.
Beginning at a point which is North 70° 40' East true 219 feet from North corner of the Kaumakapili church enclosure, and running
[Margin note:] R.P. 8463 4130 sq. ft., R.P. 8469 .243 Ac., R.P. 8334 16,650 sq. ft

1. North 50° East true 13 feet to angle of Kaakaukukui;
2. North 32° East true 120 feet along line of Kaakaukukui;
3. North 48° 15' East true 118 feet along line of Kaakaukukui;
4. North 37° East true 46 feet along line of Kaakaukukui;
5. North 71° 30' East true 43 feet along line of Kaakaukukui;
6. North 89° 30' East true 89 feet to West corner Makinu[?] lot;
7. North 32° West true 44 feet across stream;
8. South 81° West true 103 feet along line of Kamaile, Royal Patent 1633;
9. North 70° West true 183 feet along line of Kamaile Royal Patent 1633;
10. North 20° East true 22 feet along line of Kamaile Royal Patent 1633;
11. North 48° East true 48 feet along line of Kamaile Royal Patent 1633;
12. North 55° 45' West true 200 feet along Makahapu Royal Patent 144;
13. South 24° 30' West true 386 feet down Nuuanu River to North corner of lot No. 4 of the St. John Estate; thence
14. South 61° 15' East true 307 feet along line of said Estate to point of beginning & containing 2 86/100 acres.

Lot No. 7
Is the lot owned by the Board of Education, on the corner of Fort & School Streets, sold with a covenant to furnish Royal Patent [illegible]
[page 232
Commencing on the Westerly side of Fort Street at the extreme South corner of this lot, adjoining the lot belonging to William Buckle, running from thence
North 44° 30' West 116 feet along Buckle's to the George Wood lot, thence
North 42° 30' East 125 ½ feet and
North 45° West 33 feet following said Wood's lot, thence
North 47° East 70 feet to the Southerly side of School street bounded by land bought by A. Doiron of the Konohiki of Kalawahine, thence following the Southerly side of School Street and the Westerly side of Fort Street to point of commencement.

III. The mountain portion of Kalawahine, or the Pauoa and Moopili sections, viz.: [Margin note:] R.P. 8186
Beginning at a post and marked stone on a small ridge above the ravine to the East of Punch Bowl [Punchbowl] Hill from said post the Flag staff on Punch Bowl Hill bears North 85° 40' West true distant 3153 feet and the North Meridian post of the Government survey South 73° 54' West true, distant 1866 feet, and magnetic declination at date and place is 9° 20' East and running up said ridge and around this land as follows:

1. North 34° 17' East true, 1235 feet along Kaiwiokaihu;
2. North 45° 12' East true 2569 feet along Kaiwiokaihu;
3. North 30° 42' East true 2132 feet along Kaiwiokaihu;
4. North 41° 19' East true 1775 feet along Kaiwiokaihu;
5. North 28° 10' East true 1240 feet to station Nahuina;
6. North 52° 30' East true 1603 feet along narrow ridge separating Pauoa and Makiki Valleys;
7. North 85° 00' East true 1407 feet to Government Triangulation Station on summit of Puu Ohia (Tantalus);
8. North 46° 15' East true, to the edge of Manoa curving to the East so as to exclude the pond in the old crater, the straight line being 1410 feet;
9. North 21° 05' East true, 1380 feet to large Lehua tree, the boundary being edge of the pali;
10. North 49° 30' West true, 800 feet to rock marked X just above a where rocky hollow where the path up Pauoa Valley emerges into the open plain called Kapukaawapuhi;
11. South 59° 10' West true, 3103 feet down the middle of Pauoa Valley, and along boundary of Kaakaukukui to a red wood block by the path 36 feet South 33° West from a Koa tree;
12. South 55° 40' West true 2206 feet along Kaakaukukui to makai corner of the Pauoa section, the same being a point by the path whence the only rock capped summit on the [page 233] Nuuanu ridge bears North 76° 50' West true and the Honolulu Custom House Ridge Pole South 56° West true;
13. South 19° 06' East true, 1048 feet up Paapaa ridge along Auwaiolimu to a point North 85° West 566 feet from Nahuina;
14. South 3° 45' East true, 513 feet along Kewalo to Kahaumakaawe I, the head of the big hollow;
15. Down the middle of gulch known as “Kahawai o Ka Poopoo” along boundary of Kewalo to a marked rock which is North 24° West true, 778 feet from the initial point;
16. Down the same to a marked rock which is south 83° 13' West 180 feet from initial point;
17. North 83° 15' East true, 180 feet to point of beginning,
And containing an area of 293 ½ acres.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand at Honolulu, this 24th day of September A.D. 1873.
Lawrence McCully, Commissioner of Boundaries, Oahu.

[No. 35, Kalawahine Ili (Haalelea portion), Honolulu Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, 1873, I. Iwilei, 56.08 acres; II, Remainder lots in Honolulu, No. 1, .88 acre; No. 2, .61 acre; No. 3, .52 acre; No. 4, .54 acre; No. 5, 1.09 acres; No. 6, 2.86 acres; No. 7, Board of Education; III. Mountain Portion, 293 ½ acres, 1873]