Boundary Commission

Ahupua`a Kalihi
District: Kona
Island Oahu
Ownership: Damon, Samuel M.
Year: 1890
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Kai o Kaliawa fishery, Kalihi Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, Oahu, Volume 3, pps 3-6

Before William Foster, Commissioner of Boundaries for the First Judicial Circuit of the Hawaiian Island

In the Matter of the Boundaries of the Fishery at Kalihi, Oahu, known as the Kai o Kaliawa

This matter came on for hearing before William Foster, Commission of Boundaries for the First Judicial Circuit, at the Police Court Room in Honolulu, Oahu, on Tuesday, the 21st day of January 1890, at 1 o'clock p.m.

Petition of Samuel M. Damon was filed on January 13, 1890, alleging that he is the owner of a certain Fishery, known as the “Kai of Kaliawa,” situate in Kalihi, Oahu, being a portion of the Ili of Kaliawa and of the ands contained and described in Land Commission Award 818 to the Heirs of George Beckley; the metes and bounds whereof were appended to said petition, marked Exhibit “A” and that the names of the persons claiming lands and fish ponds adjoining said fishery are Charles Lucas, representing the Heirs of Alexander Adams: the trustees of His Majesty's Estate; Allen Herbert and Gilbert Waller.

Notice of Hearing on this day was served on the Respondents above-named, and also published in the Daily Bulletin and Daily Pae Aina, newspapers in Honolulu.

Present: S.M. Damon, Petitioner and A. Rosa, his Attorney; J.H. Congdon, representing Allen Herbert, who states that he does not contest the application; Gilbert Waller, who says he makes no objection; Charles Lucas and William Auld, representing Heirs of Alexander Adams, who say that they do not contest the petition; Curtis P. Iaukea, for His Majesty's Trustees, who does not contest; F.M. Hatch, Counsel for S.M. Damon, petitioner.

A map of the Kaliawa fishery is produced by Petitioner.

Lokana, sworn, examined by Mr. Iaukea, says, I live at Kalihi-waena; know the sea-fishery of Honoku, belonging to His Majesty. I have seen the survey, filed by Mr. Damon, of the Boundaries of Kaliawa. The boundaries, as claimed on the survey and map, are correct. I know all the lands and the points on the map. The names on the map are right. I have known the place since death of Kamehameha III.

Keamahu (wahine), sworn, says, (examined by Mr. Rosa), I know the fishery of Kaliawa. Am a kamaaina there; have been there since 1819. My sister married Waialua, a fisherman. Afterwards I was konohiki under Kaleiluhiole, who was a konohiki of Kamehameha V. He had cont ....

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.... ? West 1150 feet along Mokauea Fishery to an Ahupohaku, from which North end of ridge on main house of Kahakaaulana bears North 2? 00' West and Moanalua Trig. Station North 22? 25' West.

Thence running North 5? 15' East 1520 feet to Waiololi;
North 21? 00' West 185 feet, along shore of Kahakaaulana;
North 38? 30' West 300 feet, along shore of Kahakaaulana;
North 5? 45' West 835 feet to Kalaeunaoa;
North 13? 30' East 23180 feet to Hiwaiiki, (at 850 feet passing place called Kaluapuhi):
North 1? 45' West 395 feet to Kaluapuhinui;
[page 6]
South 58? 00' West 465 feet to Kalaeone;
North 5? 15' West 725 feet to wall of Pahou iki fish pond;
Thence around outside edges of walls of Pahou iki. Pahou nui and Apili ponds, to the North corner of Apili pond;
Thence North 54? 00' West 370 feet;
North 3? 45' East 1050 feet to Makaha of Wele pond;
South 37? 20' East 820 feet;
South 46? 30' West 1180 feet to Ka lae o Kaoki;
South 21? 50' West 2120 feet to Ahu Kehookomowaa;
South 22? 00' East 1660 feet to Pupuawa, and following between these points the edge of rocky ledges, left bare at low water;
South 30? 10' East 1620 feet to Keahukumano;
South 1? 40' East 2250 feet to Hiiwai o Keehi, from which point the North end of ridge of main house on Kahakaaulana bears South 83? 15' East and North end of ridge of main house on Mokuoeo bears South 69? 15' West;
Thence South 9? 00' East 870 feet to Kalaeone;
North 20? 45' West 1675 feet to Kahuainana awalua;
South 24? 30' West 2130 feet to Lae o ka iki in breakers on West side of channel;
Thence North 60? 30' East 2350 feet to the initial point.,
Area 290 acres, a little more or less
Given under my hand at Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaiian islands, this 21st day of January A.D. 1890.
William Foster, Commissioner of Boundaries for the First Judicial Circuit

Costs: Attendance one day 10.00; Certificate 2.00; Description in ditto 4 folios @ 50c 2.00; Stamp on it 1.00; Record 15 folios @ 25c 3.75; 4 folios @ 50c 2.00; Interpreter 3.00; Advertisement, Daily Bulletin 3.75; Pae Aina 2.50; Total #30.00 paid January 29, 1890

Certified copy certificate for Interior Department; made and filed January 28, 1890 $1.50, paid January 29, 1890.

[No number, Kai of Kaliawa Fishery, Kalihi Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Oahu, 1890, 290 acres]