Boundary Commission

1875 007 Crown
Certification: 007
Ahupua`a: Wailua
District: Puna
Island: Kauai
Ownership: Crown
Year: 1875
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Wailua Ahupuaa, Puna District, Island of Kauai, Boundary Commission, Kauai, Vol. 1, No. 1, pps 32 37

1872 Boundary of the Ahupuaa of Wailua

No. 7

Received the Following letter
Honolulu September 29th 1872
Duncan McBryde, Esquire. Commissioner of Boundaries

Dear Sir:
I beg to acknowledge your letter of 16th instant, informing me that application had been made to you by Charles R. Bishop and C. Kanaina Guardians of W.C. Lunalilo to have the Boundaries of Waipouli situated in the District of Puna settled and defined.

I would now make application to have the boundaries of the Ahupuaa of Kapaa on Kauai defined and settled at the same time. The side adjoining Kealia is already fixed.

I also wish to have the boundaries of the Ahupuaa of Wailua on Kauai defined if it can be done at the same time.

Honolulu October 24th 1872
Duncan McBryde, Commissioner of Boundaries, Island of Kauai

Dear Sir:
Your favor of October 7 is at hand and the day appointed by you for the settlement of the boundaries of Wailua and Kapaa will suit me very well.
I remain, Yours Respectfully
Jno. O. Dominis, Crown Commissioner & Land Agent

Ahupuaa of Wailua
Evidence taken this 12 day of November 1872 in the matter of the Boundary of the Ahupuaa of Wailua on Kauai.

Pahuwai, sworn, The Boundary commences on the Northwest side at a stone on Brow of hill near sea called Kikeke and thence [page 33] Mauka to Clump of stones called Kulahuhu
Thence through centre of hau Bush Puhauopo to red bare ridge, Kaihuololoia
Thence to hau & kou bush, old burying ground, Kaea
Thence to a Spring of Water called Kamoohuawai
Thence to pond in stream Kaumualii bathing place, Kamala
Thence to a stream marsh & hau bush, Kauaipoalae
Thence up valley to and opposite hala trees, Pokahika
Thence up valley and across stream, Kapukanawaiowailiolea
Thence up ridge, Kamoohoopulu
Thence up ridge and on to Kuhilau
Thence to Kalalua
Thence up ridge to extreme top of range and to junction with Koolau lands at Kapehuaila
Thence along from peak to peak to Pohakau
Thence to road on ridge to Hanalei, Kakamahiki
Thence down the Hanamaulu boundary which has been already defined and for which there is a royal patent to the sea.

Kailuali, sworn, My name is Kaileali, formerly lived in Hanapepe, came to live at Wailua when Whitney came to live at Kauai. I do not know the boundary of Wailua I only know what Pahuwai told me (last witness), don't know any thing of my own knowle ....

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.... hence North 74 East (Magnetic) 93 chains to the south bank of the stream called Kawailoa at the sea beach

Thence following round to place of commencement in a Westerly direction and containing an area of 20.255 acres Twenty Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Five acres more or less.

Wailua Makai takes from this 2,800 which leaves in Wailua mauka 17,455 acres see plan of Wailua.

The bearings noted in the Northern boundary of this land are on the true meridian, those on the south Magnetic, at all stations on the survey good marks have put either three stones and or bottle let into the ground (thus[diagram triangle of 3 stones and bottle in middle] or three holes dug and bottle let into the ground thus [3 holes in triangle and bottle in middle].

I hereby certify that this is a correct survey of Wailua boundary as shown to me by Judge McBryde commissioner of Boundaries for Kauai.
James Gay, Surveyor
Dec 1872

1872, Wailua Makai

The South East boundary commences at the South banks of the Kamailoa Stream on the sea beach and runs

Thence South 74° East 93 chains to the top of ridge called Kailiiliahiuali to a large stone set into the ground.
Thence following in a Northerly direction, the top of ridge to a dark pali on the south side of the Wailua river. Thence down the pali to a large rock at its foot.
Thence crossing the Wailua river in a Northerly direction to the narrowest place in spur where an old ditch is cut to serve as a fence.
Thence on in a Northerly direction, across hollow and up spur on main ridge leading to Nono peak thence
North 1200 links to North side of this land thence on the following bearing and distances to sea coast.

[page 37]
Bearings, Links
North 77° 45' East, 675, Down ridge
South 88° 24' East, 1700, Down ridge
North 85° East, 850, Down ridge called Kaea and stone like dog house
South 56° 33' East, 1050, down through cliffs to Kaehuololoia Hau trees
South 63° 57' East, 4057, to Puuhauopo clump of Hau trees
South 48° 29' East, 2601, to Kulahuhu
South 31° 39' East, 3032, to stone at Kiheke and down on to beach, thence following along the beach in a Southerly direction to place of commencement and containing an area of Two Thousand Eight hundred acres 2,800 (See plan of Wailua)

James W. Gay, Surveyor
Dec. 1875
Duncan McBryde, Commissioner of Boundaries, Island of Kauai

[No. 7, Wailua Ahupuaa, Puna District, Island of Kauai, Boundary Commission, Wailua Makai 2800 acres; Wailua 20.255 acres, 1875]