Boundary Commission

Certification: 006
Ahupua`a South Olohena
District: Puna
Island Kauai
Ownership: Government
Year: 1875
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South Olohena Ahupuaa, District of Puna, Island of Kauai, Boundary Commission, Kauai, Volume 1, pps. 106-109

No. 6

Boundary of the Ahupuaa of Olohena
Honolulu, September 15th, 1873

Honorable Duncan McBryde, Commissioner of Boundaries
In settling the boundaries of lands on your Island, please have defined the following which have been suggested to me by Judge Widemann, viz. Waioli, ? of Honokoa, Hanakapiai, Kalalau, Pohakuao, Honopou, Kamalamaloo, Kahoanui, Holaula?
Mountaining lands adjoining Moloaa whatever name, &c &c.
Yours very truly
Edwin O. Hall.

N.B. Olohena ? belonging to Government (undirected)[?]

Owing to the Boundary of the adjoining land of Olohena belonging to his late Majesty, Lunalilo, having been divided on the 7th November 1872 and the boundary of the Crown Lands of Kapaa and Wailua having been decided on 13 and 14 November 1872, said three lands being surrounded by the land of Olohena no further evidence was taken, having been represented by Sheriff Wilcox. Pau for himself & children and the crown by Makalemi. [Makalena?]

From the evidence of the several natives examined on the previous days, the following decision was rendered and as in all cases survey ordered.

The southeast boundary of this land commences on the sea beach at a place called Kikeke, and from thence mauka to Kulahukui, thence to Puuhauopo, thence to Kaohololoea. Thence to rock on top of cliff looking like a dog house. Thence [page 108] up over and down few of hill [hills] to single hala tree. From there to pond in marsh called Kamala. Thence to Pookahika, thence crossing numerous gullies and spurs to top of Kamoohoopalu ridge, thence up said ridge to Kuhilau, thence up through forest to Kapehuala, the head of the land and junction with Kapaa.

The Northwest boundary of the land commences at a hole in the reef called Pohakuao. Thence to hill of stones called Koapunakaalu, thence along old stone wall to swamp and across swamp to Waialeale and old kalo lan ....

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.... th 75° 27 West 392 links
South 86° 49' West 2480 links crossing gullies to place called Kopaia
North 83° 23' West 7802 links up spur to Paapuaa
North 84° 2' West 4950 links crossing spur and stream and on to top of spur called Kulelepali, thence
North 89° 14' West 1074 links along ridge
North 61° 52' West 2023 links along ridge
North 39° 28' West 1156 links along ridge
North 56° 2' West 1058 links along ridge
North 33° 45' West 1067 links along ridge [diagram X with dots on four sides]
North 89° 30' West 292 links along ridge to hala trees on top of bank called Puuopae
North 72° 36' West 3750 links along ridge crossing gully and on to spur
North 55° 15' West 2200 links up ridge to edge of woods
North 37° 40' West 6450 links up along side of ridge to head of Waipouli to a large Ohiaha tree from thence following along front said Ohiaha tree the same ridge to head of this land bounded by Kapaa to a place called Kapehuaola (see plan)

this land contains an area of 2,368 acres more or less.
[Diagram: X with dots on four sides] from station 292 the following places bear:
Pohakupili North 4° 54' East
Puupili [diagram: triangle with dot in center] South 17° 37' East
Aahoaka [diagram: triangle with dot in center] South25° 58' East
Nono [diagram: triangle] 61° 32' East

I hereby certify that this is a correct survey of the boundaries of this land as decided upon by the Commissioner of Boundaries for Kauai.
Jas. W. Gay, Surveyor, May 1875

At all stations where practicable marks have been put in the ground thus [diagram: dots at points of triangle] with bottle broken end set in the centre or three stones thus: [diagram: dots at end of Y shape with bottle in center]
Jas.W.G. [James W. Gay]

Margin note: Approved the 28th day of July A.D. 1875,
Duncan McBryde, Commissioner of Boundaries for Kauai

[No. 6, South Olohena Ahupuaa, District of Puna, Island of Kauai, Boundary Commission, 2368 acres, 1875]