Boundary Commission

1872 005 Lunalilo, W.C.
Certification: 005
Ahupua`a: Kapaa
District: Puna
Island: Kauai
Ownership: Lunalilo, W.C.
Year: 1872
Statistics: 10644 characters 1693 words
Kapaa Ahupua`a, District of Puna, Island of Kauai, Boundary Commission, Kauai, Volume 1, pps. 26-31

Boundary of Kapaa,


No. 5

October 1, Received the following petition
Honolulu, September 29th, 1872
Duncan McBryde, Esquire, Commissioner of Boundaries
Dear Sir:
I beg to acknowledge your letter of the 16 instant, informing me that application had been made to you by Charles R. Bishop & to Kanaina, Guardians of W.C. Lunalilo, to know the boundaries of the Waipouli situated in the District of Puna settled and defined.

I would now make application to know the Boundaries of the Ahupuaa of Kapaa on Kauai defined and settled at the same time. The side adjoining Kealia is already fixed.

I also wish to know the boundaries to have the Boundaries, to have the boundaries [sic] of the Ahupuaa of Wailua on Kauai defined if it can be done at the same time,
I remain, Yours Truly
Signature, John O. Dominis, Commissioner & Land Agent

Therefore appointed the 11th day of November A D. 1872 for the hearing of said petition at Waiole at the hour of 10 am Court opened at 10 am when J.W. Makalena appeared and handed to the court the following note.

Honolulu, November 5th, 1872
Honorable Duncan McBryde, Boundary Commissioner Island of Kauai

The bearer of this, Mr. J. W. Makalena, has been authorized by the Commissioner of Crown lands to act in their behalf in the settlement of the Boundaries of any and all crown lands which may be brought before you as already advertised by you.
I have the honor to be, Sir, Your most Obedient servant
J.O. Dominis, Commissioner of Crown Lands

[page 27]
1872, Boundary of Kapaa

Pahuwai, sworn, The boundary of the Ahupuaa of Kapaa commences at the sea adjoining Waipouli at Kaluapalipo;
Thence mauka to given lot called Heahukahiva;
Thence to commencement of an auwai called Makahakupanihi;
Thence along said Auwai to stones to [at] Pohakuhinana;
Thence to a stone in Indigo, Kaumihewa;
Thence to a stone, Pohopohoiki;
Thence to a place on Ridge, Hulemoa;
Thence passes near hau trees, Puakeii;
Thence past hau clump across stream & Ridge to Kalouulu;
Thence to top of ridge, Hinakamakani
Thence to where houses were formerly at Panini
Thence to Hau bush, Hauiki
Thence to stream, Kaukahoku
Thence across stream, Kawaiholana
Thence to where there were formerly houses, Kapukaili
Thence to a little place for catching fowls, Kainamanu
Thence to junction wi ....

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.... ; West 795 links continuing up Kawaihoolana Ridge
South 50° 2' West 640 links continuing up to Lehua trees thus [diagram: 2 trees]
South 81° 35' West 445 links continuing up
South 61° 49' West 924 links continuing up
South 76° 7' West 382 links continuing up
South 74° 52' West 694 links up same ridge to Kapukaili
North 71° 49' West 1822 links up same ridge to Kahuahale
North 65° 50' West 1755 links up same ridge to Kahuahale
South 69° 13' West 700 links up same ridge and through Bush
North 88° West 500 links up same ridge and through bush
South 75° 19' West 1200 links up same ridge and through bush
North 63° 40' West 400 links to open space in bush called Kainamanu from whence the following Objects Bear: Ouhoaka, South 32° 47' East; Noni peak, South 58° 53' East; Makaleha, North 1° 40' West
North 86° 40' West 400 links entering Bush to head of gully
North 75° 45' West 263 links along ridge in bush
North 63° 54' West 120 links along ridge in bush
North 40° 30' West 100 links along ridge in bush
North 14° 30' West 270 links along ridge in bush
North 55° 55' West 224 links along ridge in bush
North 44° 20' West 160 links along ridge in bush
North 18° 45' West 153 links along ridge in bush
North 42° 15' West 167 links along ridge in bush
North 32° 30' West 390 links along ridge in bush
North 36° 7' West 300 links along ridge in bush
North 66° 4' West 200 links along ridge in bush
North 88° 30' West 212 links to a large Ohia tree at the head of Waipouli & junction of Kapaa
And Olohena and known by the name of Kahilimalanai; thence on up a ridge to Kapihuaola
(See plan) thence on round the top of mountain range to Makaleha and round to open leading
down to Pohakupili, prominent and well defined point (see plan)

At all the stations on the survey three large holes have been dug and in the centre of them a
bottle let into the ground and broken [diagram: holes at points of triangle with bottle broken in
the middle]

[page 31]
I hereby certify that is a correct survey of the Boundary as shown me by Judge McBryde Commissioner of Boundaries for Kauai.
James W. Gay, Surveyor
December 1872

N.B. Notes on bearings from true NorthJ.W.G.
Duncan McBryde, Commissioner of Boundaries, Island of Kauai

[No. 5, Kapaa Ahupua`a, District of Puna, Island of Kauai, Boundary Commission, no amount given, 1872]