Boundary Commission

1888 111 Paris, John D.
Certification: 111
Ahupua`a: Kealakekua, Kaawaloa (outer)
District: Kona, North
Island: Hawaii
Ownership: Paris, John D.
Year: 1888
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Kealakekua & Kaawaloa (outer) Ahupuaa, District of South Kona, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, Volume A, No. 1, p. 216

Kaawaloa, Kealakekua, District of South Kona

To the Honorable R.A. Lyman, Commissioner of boundaries for the Island of Hawaii.

The undersigned respectfully represent that he us possessed of the Ahupuaas of Kaawaloa, and Kealakekua, situated in South Kona, Hawaii, according to their ancient boundaries, granted by Royal Patents to the Honorable C. Kapakea and Kaohokalole [Keohokalole].

The adjoining lands are as follows so far as ascertained, viz.
Keopuka, Onouli ike, Onoulinui, Hokukano, Keauhou, Kahauloa, Five Kalamakumus Waipunaula and Kiloa.

Your petitioner respectfully asks that the boundaries of Said Lands of Kaawaloa & Kealakekua may be ascertained, decided and certified to, by your Honor, the Commissioner
Very respectfully Submitted
(Signed) John D. Paris
Honolulu, May 10th 1873

Kealakekua & Kaawaloa Ahupuaa, District of South Kona, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, Volume A, No. 1, pps 285-289

The Ahupuaa of Kealakekua, District of South Kona, Kaawaloa, Island of Hawaii, 3d Judicial Circuits

On this Fifth day of August, A.D. 1873, the Commissioner of Boundaries for the Island of Hawaii, 3rd Judicial Circuit met at the house of Moses Barrett at Keopuka, for the settlement of the boundaries of Kealakekua and Kaawaloa, situated in South Kona, Hawaii.

Notice of the hearing of all applications for the settlement of lands in North and South Kona on August the 2d instant, having been published in the Hawaiian Gazette and Kuokoa; and due notice personally served on owners and agents of lands adjoining, as far as known.

For Petition see folio 216, Royal Patent No. 148 [Grant 148]

Daniel Barrett, said to be on Keopuka adjoining Kaawaloa
Makai corner commencing at an ohia tree marked L; thence
North 82° 30' East 4 1/20 chains to little Puu angle; thence
South 88° East 11 7/10 chains, Point angle 7 thence
North 69° 45' east 4 7/10 chains; angle; thence
North 69° 45' East 10 1/10 chains to a craggy Kukui F; thence
North 60° East 19 3/10 chains across Kaawaloa road; always along on the edge of the climpers to a small ohia tree marked A.

Makai of this piece was bought by Awalua and is now owned by Mrs. Likelike Cleghorn and is said to take to the sea.

Mauka of this place was sold to P. Cummings and is now held by A.S. Cleghorn.

Kahula, kane, sworn, I was born at Kahauloa, South Kona, Hawaii at the time of Peleleu, and have always lived there. Am a kamaaina of Kona and know the lands of Kealakekua and Kaawaloa [page 286] and part of their boundaries. Cumming's land ends at a place called Nahuina, in the edge of the woods where Kealakekua and Kiloa bound Kealakekua (and Waipunaaula also owned by Cummings); then Kalamakumu bounds Kealakekua, the boundary line being the road into the woods, there is an iwi aina makai mai[sic] running into the edge of the woods thence to Kalamakapala, thence to an iwi aina where Kalamawaiawaawa bounds Kealakekua; thence to iwi aina and Kahauloa 1st bounds Kealakekua, thence to iwi aina and junction of Kahauloa 2; thence turn mauka along the awaawa called Napali Mahoe. The boundary between these two lands through the woods to the pahoehoe, where the mamani is growing. The Koa on Kahauloa, extends further mauka than on Kealakekua. I have been there after sandal wood; have not seen an awaawa above the woods. My father, Kolima (now dead) who was a bird catcher, told me the awaawa extended through the woods and on to the pahoehoe. The woods all belong to Kealakekua and the pahoehoe to Keauhou. There are small trees growing on the pahoehoe, and mamani trees down on the edge of the woods. I do not know the name of the mauka boundary of Kealakekua.

Keakaokawai, kane, sworn (same witness as on Keauhou), I am a kamaaina of Kealakekua and Kaawaloa, a place called Kalahapohaku is the mauka corner of Onoulinui, a large rock where the Kaawaloa and Onoulinui people used to take their offerings; there Hookukano bounds Kaawaloa; It is rather an open spot in the woods, by the side of an ol ....

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.... ct of South Kona, Island of Hawaii, Third Judicial Circuit.

Upon the application of J.D. Paris, and by virtue of the authority vested in me by law, as sole Commissioner of Land Boundaries in the Island of Hawaii, 3d Judicial Circuit, I hereby Decide and certify the boundaries of the Ahupuaas of Kealakekua and Kaawaloa situate in the district of South Kona, Island of Hawaii to be as follows:

Given under my hand at Hilo, Hawaii, this twenty-second day of August A.D. 1876.
R.A. Lyman., Commissioner of Land Boundaries, 3d Judicial Circuit.

Boundaries of Kealakekua & Kaawaloa
Commencing at cocoanut tree at sea coast line of Cummings land on Kiloa & running along said land as follows:
North 58° 15' East 2.45 chains
North 61° 15' East 5.77 chains
North 42° 45' East 264 chains
North 35° East 3.00 chains [page 256]
North 11° East 2.64 chains up the pali
North 13° East 16.12 chains up the pali
North 19° 15' East 6.94 chains to top of first slope of pali
North 25° 45' East 12.63 chains to road
North 30° East 5.84 chains
North 22° 30' East 17.00 chains
North 43° 45' East 22.58 chains to upper Government road
North 49°15' East 80.00 chains
North 53° 30' East 60.85 chains to upper corner of Cummings land
South 84° 30' East65.50 chains along Kiloa to Keahauloa

North 87° East 404.00 chains to ahu below Wahapele on Keauhou
North 82° 80' East 55.00 chains to Koa "X" line of Keauhou
North 78° East 73.00 chains to Koa "X" line of Keauhou
North 28° 30' East 67.00 chains line of Keauhou
North 5° East 40.00 chains, line of Keauhou

North 24° West 35.00 chains to ahu at Punawai of Kanekii
North 25° West 90.00 chains to ahu on old Umi Road in "aa."
South 68° West 96.00 chains to ahu on aa near Aahuaela cave

South 86° 45' West 35.00 chains along line of Hokukano
South 75° 30' West 39.00 chains along line of Hokukano
North 86° 45' West 41.50 chains along line of Hokukano
North 76° West 48.50 chains along line of Hokukano
South 55° West 48.00 chains along line of Hokukano
North 77° West 36.00 chains along line of Hokukano
South 73° West 50.00 chains along line of Hokukano
South 74° West 12.40 chains along line of Hokukano
South 30° West 8.00 chains along line of Hokukano

South 56° 30' West 21.50 chains to Onouli 1st
South 54° West 32.00 chains along Onouli 1st
South 74° West 5.00 chains to Onouli iki or 2d
South 26° West 26.25 chains along Onouli 2d
South 68° West 29.40 chains along Onouli 2d
South 64° West 67.50 chains along Onouli 2d to Kaiholena
South 63° West 37.30 chains [page 257]
South 54° 36.00 chains
South 73° 30' West 26.00 chains along Atkins land
South 58° West11.20 chains along Atkins land
South 43° 30' West 20.40 chains along Atkins land
South 66° West 4.00 chains along Atkins land
South 57° 45' West 3.35 chains along Atkins land
South 39° 15' West 21.80 chains along Barrett's land
South 30° West 32.80 chains along Barrett's land
1260 chains of this line brings it to Government Road

South 69° 45' West 10.10 chains
South 69° West 4.70 chains
South 88° West 11.70 chains
South 82½° West 4.10 chains to corner of wall
South 9° West 5.70 chains along Awahua's (now Todd's) land
South 16° 30' West 14.50 chains
South 45° West 43.80 [43.30?] chains
South 23° West 5.48 chains
South 30° West 42.00 chains to a cocoanut tree standing alone near the coast. Thence along the coast to commencement and containing an area of 12,260 acres more or less.
R.A. Lyman, Commissioner of Land Boundaries, 3rd Judicial Circuit

Surveyed by D.H. Hitchcock

Hearing 10.-; 28 folio testimony 7.-; Certificate 2.-; Stamp 1.-, 8 folio description 4.-, [total] 24.-
Traveling expences [sic] 10.-
Paid by applicant $34.-
Witnesses paid by parties calling them.

[No. 111, Kealakekua & Kaawaloa Ahupuaa, District of South Kona, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, 2,100 acres, 1881; See also 133, Kealakekua & Kaawaloa]