Boundary Commission

1883 152 Bishop, Bernice Pauahi
Certification: 152
Ahupua`a: Makalawaena
District: Kona, North
Island: Hawaii
Ownership: Bishop, Bernice Pauahi
Year: 1883
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Makalawena Ahupuaa, District of South Kona, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, Volume A, No. 1, pp. 225-226

Honolulu, January 14, 1873
R.A. Lyman, Esquire, Commissioner of Boundaries &c &c, Hilo, Hawaii

Dear Sir:
You are hereby respectfully requested to define and settle the boundaries of the following named lands on Hawaii belonging to Madam Akahi.

Kealia Ahupuaa South Kona, bounded
North by Kauleoli belonging to Hanalii Palanolilo; South by Kealia belonging to R. Keelikolani; Mauka by Keauhou belonging to Estate Kamehameha V; Makai by the sea.

Keei 1 Ahupuaa in South Kona, bounded
North by Kahauloa belonging to C.R. Bishop; South by Keei 2 belonging to Mrs. C.R. Bishop; Mauka by Keauhou belonging to Estate Kamehameha V; Makai by the sea.

Makalawena Ahupuaa in North Kona bounded both North and south I think by lands belonging to the Government; mauka by [left blank] and makai by the sea.

Ulupaalua Ili in several pieces in Niulii Kohala, bounded. The surveys of the above made by Kaelemakule, and the notes of the surveys of all except Keei, are in the hands of [page 226] S. C. Wiltse, who will act on Akahi's behalf in the settlement of the boundaries. Akahi's husband, Kapaa may be in Kona, either in Kealia or Keei, when you go there. Please enquire for him, and let him know what you have to do, so that he may assist you if possible. He may have the notes of survey of Keei.

The remark upon the quality of the lands in Puna, and the necessity for avoiding all expenses not absolutely necessary will apply also to these Kona lands, also especially to Makalawena. A few acres more or less of aa or pahoehoe is not worth disputing about.

Mr. Wiltse and Dominis intend to meet you in Kona.
Respectfully Yours,
(signed) C.R. Bishop

Makalawena Ahupuaa, District of North Kona, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, Hawaii, Volume A, No. 1, p. 373-375

The Ahupuaa of Makalawena, District of North Kona, Island of Hawaii, 3d Judicial Circuit

On this 12th day of August A.D. 1873 the Commission of Boundaries for the Island of Hawaii, 3d Judicial Circuit meet at Kailua, North Kona, Hawaii for the hearing of the application of C.R. Bishop, acting for Madame Akahi, for the settlement of the boundaries of Makalawena, situated in North Kona, Hawaii.

Notice to all parties interested in the settlement of land boundaries in North and South Kona, Hawaii, that the commissioner of Boundaries for the 3d Judicial Circuit would be prepared to receive applications for the settlement of boundaries of lands in said Districts, at the Court House in Kona on August 2d A.D. 1873, served by publication in the Hawaiian Gazette of July 16th and Kuokoa of July 19th 1873, and adjourned to Kailua on the 12th instant. Due notice personally served on owners or agents of adjoining lands, as far as known..

Present: J.G. Hoapili for applicant and Hawaiian Government

For Petition see Folio 225
Note: Royal Patents Nos 1580 and 2023 on file

Kahailii, kane, sworn, I was born at Makalawena, K ....

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.... July 1873 by Honorable C.R. Bishop, in behalf of Madam A. Akahi, owner of said land, in accordance with the provisions of an Act to facilitate the settlement of Boundaries, &c., approved on the 22 day of June, A.D. 1868; now therefore, having duly received and heard all the testimony offered in reference to the said boundaries and having endeavoured otherwise to obtain all information possible to enable me to arrive at a just decision, which will more fully appear by reference to the records of this matter by me kept in Book No. 5, page 11, and it appearing to my satisfaction that the true, lawful and equitable boundaries, are as follows; viz.:

Beginning at a point on the Government Road, on the boundary between this land and the Ahupuaa of Mahaiula, from which the Akahipuu trig. station is North 88° 3' East (true) 680 feet, and running along Grant 1580 (Kaohimaunu) in Mahaiula as follows:

1. North 60° 00' West (true) 1760 feet
2. North 54° 20' West (true) 1960 feet
3. North 57° 00' West (true) 2420 feet
4. North 67° 00' West (true) 1630 feet to the north corner of Grant 1580; thence along the Ahupuaa of Mahaiula as follows:
5. North 73° 20' west (true 740 feet
[page 34]
6. North 55° 00' West (true) 5600 feet
7. North 55° 40' West (true) 1150 feet to the sea shore at a point which bears
8. North 54° 50' East (true) 3450 feet from last station; thence along the Ahupuaa of Awakee as follows;
9. South 43° 20' East (true) 10700 feet
10. South 50° 50' East (true) 5760 feet
11. South 63° 50 East (true) 2110 feet
12. South 57° 20' East (true) 3210 feet
13. South 56° 20' East (true) 2800 feet to the Government road at a point which is North 20° 00 East (true) 275 feet from the initial point.
14. South 60° 00' East (true) 975 feet; Thence along the Ahupuaa of Mahiula;
15. North 76° 00' West (true) 960 feet to initial point, and containing an area of 656 acres.

The fishing rights belonging to this land extend one mile out to sea from the shore line, and are bounded on either side as follows:
On the south by a line starting from the southern boundary at sea and running North 57° 00' West (true).
On the North by a line starting from the Northern boundary at sea and running North 50° 00' West (true).

The above description is taken from Kaelemakule's survey and corrected by the triangulation
By J.S. Emerson, Government Surveyor

It is therefore adjudged, and I do hereby decide [page 26] and certify that the Boundaries of the said Land are, and hereafter shall be as hereinbefore set forth.

Given under my hand at Hilo, Island of Hawaii, the tenth day of May, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and eighty three.
F.S. Lyman, Commissioner of Boundaries

Interior, Certificate $2.-; 7 folio @ .25c 1.75; $3.75

Costs: Certificate $2.-; 6 folio in do [ditto] 3.-; 3 folio @ 25c .75; Search record 1.-; filing papers .25; Notices 5.-;$12.- paid

[No. 152, Makalawena Ahupuaa, District of North Kona, Island of Hawaii, 656 acres, 1883]