Boundary Commission

1886 160 Bishop, Bernice Pauahi
Certification: 160
Ahupua`a: Kaupulehu
District: Kona, North
Island: Hawaii
Ownership: Bishop, Bernice Pauahi
Year: 1886
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Kaupulehu Ahupuaa, North Kona District, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, Hawaii, Volume B, pps. 247-252

The Ahupuaa of Kaupulehu, District of North Kona, Island of Hawaii, 3 Judicial Circuit

On this, the 8th day of June A.D. 1874, the Commission of Boundaries for the Island of Hawaii, 3d Judicial Circuit met at the store of Henry Cooper, Kailua, North Kona, on the application of F.H. Harris, Attorney at Law for J.O. Dominis, Administrator of the Estate of Kamehameha V for the settlement of the boundaries of Kaupulehu, situated in the District of North Kona, Island of Hawaii.

Notice of hearing served by publication in the Hawaiian Gazette of May 20th 1874 and due notice personally served on all owners or Agents of adjoining lands as far as known.

Present: J.G. Hoapili, and the lessees of Kaupulehu and Keauhou.

For Petition see Folio 240 and 241, Book A.

Keliihanapule, kane, sworn, (Rather a young man) I was born at Kiholo. Do not know when, I now live at Kohanaiki and know the land of Kaupulehu and its makai boundaries. My kupuna told them to me.

Bounded on the north side by Puawaa, Kalaemano is the boundary at seashore between these two lands; a place where they make salt. Thence passing through the middle of Kalaemano to a mawae called Paaniau at the Government road, there is a pile of stones just mauka of the Alanui. thence to a kihapai called Kikuhia; thence to Puuki, a hill where Kaupulehu joins Puanahulu. Thence along the end of Puanahulu to Puanalala. Puawaa bounds it to Puuokowai; thence along Puanahulu to Ahuakamaliii, a spot on the lava flow of 1859.

This is as far as I know on that side.

Bounded on the South side by Kukia owned by Pupule, the boundary at shore is in the middle of a place called Keawaiki. The land had ancient fishing rights extending out to sea from Keawaiki to Papaomino, [page 248] a pile of stones at the corner of Pupule's land; thence along said land to Keonehehee, a kihapai; thence to Puuokai, the mauka corner of Pupule's land.

Thence along the Government portion of Kukia turning towards Kona and running makai side of Puhiapele, a large ahu aa, makai of this hill the boundary turns and runs mauka over this hill; thence to Maunakilowaa, a resting place where you look towards Kona and Kohala; thence mauka to Kauakahiapaoa; this is the mauka corner of Kukia, and there is a large hole there; thence along the land of Mahaiula to Pahulu, mauka corner of Mahaiula; one half of this place belongs to Kaupulehu. Thence along the land of Kaulana to a kihapai called Kauaiki. This is an old kihapai belonging to Kaupulehu; thence along Kaulana 2d to Moonuiahea, a hill where they used to worship; where the land called Kau joins Kaupulehu; Thence along Kau to Kaimuki, a place where they used to catch uwau, below the koa woods.; thence along the land of Kaloko to Puualala a punawai; this is as far mauka as I have been told the boundary of Kaupulehu. I do not know where Kaupulehu joins Keauhou.

I do not know a place called Pohakuokahai. the place where they make salt at the seashore is on the Puna side of the lava flow; the place I call Mawae is at the Government road; the place called Puuoweoweo is on Kaupulehu, and not on the boundary at the point where the aa turns towards Kona, as you go up the mountain. The boundary runs straight up. I do not know a place along here called Waikulukulu on Puuohaha. Puuohaha is an ahua aa in the middle of Kaupulehu. I know a place called Kanoa in the middle of Kaupulehu. I do not know where Puulehu is. [page 249]

Kahueai, sworn, I was born here at Kailua at the time of building the heiau. Am a kamaaina of Kona and now live at Puawaa. Know the land of Kaupulehu; my kupuna (now dead) told me the boundaries; he was an old bird catcher. The boundary on Kohala side at shore is a spot of sand called Kalomo on the south side of Kalaemano; thence to Keanaowaea at the Government road, way towards the aa; thence to Hikuhia, crossing the aa, thence to Oweowe, a cave; thence to Pualola, a koa grove; thence to Pualalaiki, a second koa grove; there the boundary turning towards Kona runs to a crater called Pohokinikini; thence to Kalulu, a cave; thence to Puuakowai, a water hole, there the boundary turns towards Maunakea and runs to Kalekole; thence to Puuiki; thence to a strip of aa opposite a hill called Mailehakei where Keauhou cuts Kaupulehu off; the sand on the mauka side of the aa is Keauhou. Thence to Ihuanu, a place on Keauhou; the boundary is below here running along the foot of the pali; thence to Napunamahoe, the boundary running between these two hills; Thence to Kipahee, a crater and water hole; thence to a hill called Hualalai, on the mountain. The boundary passing on the Kau side of this hill; Thence to Kalunamakani. I do not know whether Keauhou joins Kaupulehu here or not, but this is the boundary of Kaupulehu. There are two craters at Ka ....

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.... rveyed by J.M. Alexander, A.D. 1885)

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It is therefore adjudged, and I do hereby decide and Certify that the Boundaries of the said land are, and hereafter shall be as hereinbefore set forth.

Given under my hand at Keauhou, North Kona, Island of Hawaii, the fifteenth day of June, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and eighty-six.
F.S. Lyman, Commissioner of Boundaries

10 folio copy

Costs: Boundary Certificate $2.00; 8 folio description 4.00; 7 folio evidence 1.75; Travel expense, 10.-; Notice Hawaiian Gazette 3.00; Paid $20.75

Interior Costs
Certified copy of Certificate $2.00; 11 folio - copy 2.75; $4.75

Kaupulehu Ahupuaa, North Kona District, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, Hawaii, Volume D, pps. 30-32

In Re Boundaries of Kaupulehu, District of North Kona, Island of Hawaii

The Boundary Commission met at the house of J.G. Hoapili, Keauhou, North Kona, on the 15th of June 1886, in accordance with Notice in the Hawaiian Gazette and Kuokoa of May 1886,

There being present: J.M. Alexander, S.W. Mahelona, D. Makainai, D. Alawa, and many others.
J.M. Alexander and S.W. Mahelona, for Petition

Tracing of Map and Notes of survey presented by J.M. Alexander, the Surveyor.

J.M. Alexander, sworn, During the year 1885, I surveyed the land of Kaupulehu, mauka it joins Puwaawaa. The kamaainas, Luahine and others, shewed me the boundaries.

Ikaaka of Kaupulehu kai was the guide makai. Mr. Hitchcock had surveyed this land formerly, but never made a Map. On our surveying tour, we often came to piles of stones which the guides said were put up by Mr. Hitchcock; one celebrated place "Keahukaupuaa," below the Government Road, was a pile of stones, and Hitchcock´s flag pole. Above that to Oeowe, Ikaaka and Luahine were the guides, and to Puluohia; they told me the boundaries went on to "Puakowai," water hole. Punihaole and Keanini sent Keauini, a guide who went with Hitchcock to point out the places, Puakowai, Puupohaku, &c. We found the water hole as was said. Keanini, Kalamakini, and some other old men at Kaupulehu kai, described the mauka boundary to me, and sent Aalona to show me the boundary at "Mailehahee," where we found the pile and mark that Aalona said Hitchcock put up when surveying.

Kalamakini told me the boundary from [page 31] Mailehahee went to East of Hualalai, and we went there, to the Government Trig. Station and at Puunahaha Keauhou 2d joins Kaupulehu and they run along together to the top of Honuaula, the West Trig. Station, where is an Iron pin, in the ground, and marks on rocks; then on to a koa grove, and on in woods, adjoining sundry lands. We marked all the corners of this land with large piles of stones and marked rocks. Kalamakini also went on adjoining Kaloko, to place near Palahalaha; thence to Kawaiokalaepuni, and to Pulehu. Hopulaau and son shewed the rest of the boundary on to Moanuiahea, and on to "Puhiapele," and on to head of Kukui 1st, surveyed by J. Fuller, Grant 2121 to Kukulu. I took the boundaries as per said Grant, from there to the sea.

This is the Map and notes of survey I made.

I surveyed along the sea shore, but do not give the bearings, as the sea is the boundary; some of the witnesses are too far off, or too feeble to come here today; the land is much of it lava.

I have compared my survey with the surveys of the adjoining lands, where there are any, at the Government Survey Office, and this is the correct survey of this land.

I have brought Aarona and Kalamakini as witnesses.

Kalamakini, sworn, I now live at Kahaluu; have lived formerly at Kaupulehu, and know that land well at Puuwaawa. At Puakowai I began to shew the boundary to Alexander, and on to Pohaku, and Mailehahaee, and Pukaiki, between Honuaula and Kaupulehu, and on to "Hinakapoula," adjoining Kaloko; then to "Waiakalaepuni," and on to Pulehu, where the Government lands and; then on to "Moanuiahea," adjoining "Puukala."

That was all I know; others shewed the rest.

Aalona, sworn, I live at Kailua, I shewed the surveyor Alexander, the place "Mailehahee," a hill between Kaupulehu and Keauhou 2d on the East of Kaupulehu and North of Keauhou; then to Puumanu; then to Lalakaukolo on the summit of Hualalai, then I [page 32] returned home.

Alexander recalled, Puuwaawaa has not been surveyed. Kukio 1st is the only land adjoining Kaupulehu that had been surveyed, J. Fuller surveyed it.

Testimony closed

It is decided that the Boundaries are to be as given in the Notes of survey.
F.S. Lyman, Commissioner of Boundaries.

Costs [left blank]

[No. 160, Kaupulehu Ahupuaa, North Kona District, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, 23545 Acres, 1886]