Boundary Commission

1882 147 Wight, Dr. James
Certification: 147
Ahupua`a: Puu o Kumau
District: Kohala, North
Island: Hawaii
Ownership: Wight, Dr. James
Year: 1882
Statistics: 11288 characters 1803 words
Puu o Kumau Ahupuaa, District of North Kohala, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, Hawaii, Volume A, No. 1. pps 217-218

Kukuipahu, Puuohokumau, District of North Kohala

To the Honorable R.A. Lyman, Boundary Commissioner of the third Judicial District, Island of Hawaii. Your petitioner respectfully sets forth, that he is possessed of two tracts of land. 1st the Ahupuaa of Kukuipahu, 2d the Ahupuaa of Puuhokumau. Both lands situated in the District of North Kohala, Island of Hawaii, said land being awarded by the Honorable Board of Land Commissioners, by name only, and not by survey. Your petitioner respectfully prays for the appointment of a day, and hour, for hearing the testimony of Boundaries of aforesaid lands. Said lands are bounded as follows 1st Kukuipahu Boundaries is the following:

On the Kohala side, Names of lands, Owners names
Puakea 2d, Malamailala (kane) Royal Patent
Puakea 2d, James Wight
Paukea 2d, E Asegut
Honoipu 1st & 2d, E Asegut
Kokoiki, Government
Puepa 2d, Government
Puepa 1st, Akahi (wahine) Honolulu
Opilipau, Government
Kealahewa 2d, Hoopili
Kahee, Nawaa (wahine) Kohala
Kahee, Government
Awalua, Government
Awalua, Kelawiiakohala, N.K. Kuleana
Awalua, Kelanikahua, Royal Patent
Makai by the sea

2nd Puuhokumau Boundaries is as follows
Mahukona side, owner of lands adjoining
Hihiu 1st & 2d, Government
Kaoma, Government
Pukole, Government
Koea, Koamoku (Kauai)
Lapakai, Government
Koaio, Government
Koaiai, leased to Puuhue Ranch
Kaipuka, Rev. Luhiau, Royal Patent
Lamaloloaa, J. Wight, Royal patent
Nunulunui, Pauhue Ranch
Mahukona, Government
[page 218]

The above names of lands and owners of the same are as near as can be ascertained.
I sign myself, Respectfully, Your Commissioner's obedient servant, (signed) E. Asegut
North Kohala, June 2d, 1873

Puu o Kumau Ahupuaa, District of North Kohala, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, Hawaii, Volume B; pps 132-133

The Ahupuaa of Puu o Kumau, District of North Kohala, Island of Hawaii, 3d Judicial Circuit

On this, the 24d day of November A.D. 1873 the Commission of Boundaries for the Island of Hawaii, 3rd Judicial Circuit, met at the house of James Woods, Kohala ranch, on the application of John E. Osgute, for the settlement of the boundaries of Puuokumau, situated in the District of North Kohala, Island of Hawaii.

Notice of hearing for the settlement of boundaries of lands in Hamakua and Kohala, at the Court House in Waimea, South Kohala, on [left blank]. Served by publication in Hawaiian Gazette of [left blank] and Auokoa of [left blan ....

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.... la, Island of Hawaii

An application to decide and certify the Boundaries of the Land of Puu o Kumau, District of North Kohala, Island of Hawaii having been filed with me on the 8th day of July 1882 by J.M. Lydgate acting for Dr. James Wight, the owner of said land, in accordance with the provisions of an Act to facilitate the settlement of Boundaries, &c., approved on the 22 day of June, A.D. 1868; now therefore, having duly received and heard all the testimony offered in reference to the said boundaries and having endeavoured otherwise to obtain all information possible to enable me to arrive at a just decision, which will more fully appear by reference to the records of this matter by me kept in Book No. 5, D, pages 5 & 6, and it appearing to my satisfaction that the true, lawful and equitable boundaries, are as follows; viz.:

Begin at stone marked + on North side of old Mahukona Road, and on east side of small hollow at the northeast corner of this land. This point is Z (true bearing from south round by west) 291.16' from Government Survey Station 1on Puu Pelo; thence, [page 23]
South 75.00 West (magnetic) 1255 feet along old Mahukona Road and the Land of Nunulu to stone marked + from Puu Pelo 349.10
South 81.3
South 81.30 West (magnetic) 880 feet along old Road and Land of Mahukona
South 73.00 West (magnetic) 456 feet along old Road & Land of Mahukona
South 61.15 West (magnetic) 970 feet along old Road & Land of Mahukona to stone marked + from which Puu o Nale Government Station Z = 151.12, Kaheikau Government Station Z = 182.52
South 33.15 East (magnetic) 1700 feet along lands of Hihiu, Kaoma and Puukole
South 45.30 East (magnetic) 2190 feet along lands of Lapakahi and Koea
South 46.30 East (magnetic) 2165 feet along lands of Koea & Kaipuhaa; Grant 2054 to Luhiau
North 83.00 East (magnetic) 1870 feet along Lamaloloa, Grant 2725
North 6.15 West (magnetic) 650 feet along Nunulu
North 11.45 West (magnetic) 1956 feet along Nunulu
North 25.30 West (magnetic) 2310 feet along Nunulu to Hill
North 62.30 West (magnetic) 1310 feet along Nunulu to point of commencement.
Containing 450 Acres
Surveyed in 1853 by C.J. Lyons, Examined and adapted 1882 by J.M. Lydgate, Magnetic variation probably about 8.30)

It is therefore adjudged, and I do hereby decide and certify that the Boundaries of the said Land are, and hereafter shall be as hereinbefore set forth.

Given under my hand at Hilo, Island of Hawaii, the twentieth day of September, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and eighty two.
F.S. Lyman, Commissioner of Boundaries

[No. 147, Puu o Kumau Ahupuaa, District of North Kohala, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, 450 Acres, 1882]