Boundary Commission

1882 141 Notley, C.
Certification: 141
Ahupua`a: Kukaiau
District: Hamakua
Island: Hawaii
Ownership: Notley, C.
Year: 1882
Statistics: 34403 characters 5815 words
Kukaiau Ahupuaa, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, Hawaii, Volume A, No. 1, p. 455

To the Honorable R.A. Lyman, Boundary Commissioner for the Island of Hawaii.

May it please your honor to set a day for the hearing and settling of my land of Kukaiau, situated in the District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii.
Yours Respectfully,
S. Kopi, per E.G. Hitchock, his Attorney
Hilo, January 29th 1874

Kukaiau Ahupuaa, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, Hawaii, Volume B, pps. 440-449

Land of Kuaiau in the District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii

Petition filed December 1880
Pauilo Hamakua, Hawaii, December 8th 1880
The Honorable F.S. Lyman, Commissioner of Boundaries, Hilo
Herewith enclosed I beg to hand you copy of notes of survey of the land of Kukaiau of which I have become the owner by recent purchase. I will thank you to appoint a time for hearing evidence in connection with the settlement of the boundaries of this land.

The adjoining lands are as follows. Land of Kaao (part owned by native named Moeuhana and part by the Government)
Land of Kekualele 1st, Government
Kekualele 2d, Government
Kaawikiwiki, Government
Humuula, Government
Kaohe, government
Kaholalele, Honorable H.A. Widemann
Kamehe, native named I, residing on the land.

With the exception of the land of Kaohe, the lands enumerated above are separated from Kukaiau by the boundary Gulch. The map of the land I will either forward to you or produce [page 441] at time of hearing the case, as you may instruct.
Yours Respectfully
Charles Notley,
Pas. S.L.S[?]

Land Boundary Commission, Third Judicial District, Hawaii Islands, Island of Hawaii
Land of Kukaiau, District of Hamakua

Met in the Governor's Office at Hilo, March 3d 1881 2 p.m. according to Notice in Hawaiian Gazette of February 16, 23, 30 for hearing this day.

Present C. Notley, the Petitioner; J. Nawahi, acting for D.H. Hitchcock as Attorney for the Hawaiian Government, D.B. Wahine, Keaomakani, and many others, also Kanahipaula, son-in-law to I, owner of Kaimehe.
Petition and Notice read in Court


Kaheokaamoku, kane, sworn, I know the boundaries of the land Kukaiau, I was born and brought up on the land with my parents. I now live on Kaao, the adjoining land.

Keaweakau is the name of place where the boundary begins at the sea shore, on South pali of Stream between Kuaiau and Kaao, follow up stream to Paeohi and on to Auhuhu, and on to Maiuhelelei at Aupuni road, and on to Okolepohopoho, and on to Haapuukaai, a bank of stream along Kaao to Keahina[?] and to Palapala, and on to branch stream from Kukaiau, at Mokupepe, and on to Kaleiiki at another branch stream, and on to Kahaleuli, and to Palanihouna, and to Kanamanu; here Kaao ends. Thence up to Puki, along Kekualele, Aupuni land, to Keanapopolo, and on into pili to Kailuilaula, end of one Akualele and up to Puuokamakoa, and up to Hanumakaaha, a bullock pit. Here ends a Keakualele, here Kaawikiwiki joins Kuaiau, and on to Kalepoulaula, and on to Cart road, end of Kaawikiwiki, at end of Kaola as surveyed. The balance of the land remains for Humuula perhaps. Then on to Ahoapuapua, where Hitchcock surveyed; then up to Kanukulua, sharp turns in the stream, thence on up to Iolehaahae, under which is "Kaluamakani" and mauka of Iolehaahae are graves; then across the mauka boundary runs to grave mauka of Puuokiha; then down to Papakaa, makai of Puuokiha, and down on the land to Kamokuuiwi; then to hill of Ahopuapuaa; then to Hapuukahi, and on to the Laumaia ridge; then to Laumaia, and on to Kapaono, and on to Lalakeaike, and on to Kupuku, and on to Pohulimaunakua[?] and on to Pauokainehe, and Kalapahapuu, and on to Kekikiki [page 442] and on to Ipou, and to Alii, and to Kalehuahale, and to Kaeleale, and to Kahonu at Government Road, and down to Helepo, and Piliaama, and on to Koolau, and to Makea, and to Kilohana, at Pali of seashore, on the North side of the stream.

In going up the Kaao boundary, the stream is the boundary to Kanamanu, where it ends and the boundary runs along a ridge a short distance and strikes another stream which is the boundary up to Iliohaehae.

Kaala, as surveyed, ends at the mauka road, and my mother formerly told me that Kaawikiwiki formerly extended up to Iliohaehae between Kukaiau and Kaala, and Humuula joins it, a corner at Iliohaehae. Kaohe joins the mauka boundary; and on the West side, Kaholalele joins Kukaiau down to Kainehe owned by I and formerly Keelikolani's land. The West boundary comes down the Laumaia ridge to the stream at Laumaia, then the stream is the boundary to the sea; thence along the seashore to commencement.

I went with the surveyor to point out these boundaries last year, all around the land, and pointed them out as I have stated. My father, Napauelua, shewed me the boundaries makai, and my "makuahine hanai" told me the mauka boundaries; and that the two graves are the two mauka corners.
This was the first time I went to these places as my parents told me, i.e. the first time I went with a surveyor. I have often been to all these boundaries before.

The boundary joining Kaao &c is a stream. It is an awaawa (hollow) near Iliohaehae, the Kapohulimukele stream. Curtis Lyons cut of Kaala at the mauka road; the land did belong to Kaala as far up as to Iliohaehae.

Humuula follows the large stream of Kaula, a long distance from Iliohaehae, and Humuula does not really join Kukaiau as some have tried to make it. The old kamaainas are all dead. Hapuukahi is a pile of stones makai of the mauka road. Kaholalele joins Kuaiau again near the seashore.

Kalaanaloha, kane, sworn, When young I lived in Hamakua at Kukaiau and Kaimehe. I once had charge of Kukaiau and when it was surveyed by Samuel Wiltse, Kauwahi and Puelua were the kamaainas, and I went with them; one boundary was a long distance mauka and the hill Iliohaehe ends one boundary. Do not know the lands joining on this side, but on the other side Kaholalele and Kaimehe join Kukaiau below the woods, a stream is the boundary, on each side. I do not know the boundaries in the woods.

[page 443]
Kanahipaula, sworn, I was born and brought up on Kainehe, Hamakua. I know the boundary. It is a stream (kahawai) boundary between Kukaiau and Koholalele from sea to Kainehe at Umiwai; then Kainehe comes between Koholalele and Kukaiau, boundary follows up stream to Ohulemaunakea near outer edge of forrest at mountain here. Kainehe ends and Koholalele joins again; stream is the boundary and up stream to Lalakeiki at mountain, and on to Laumaia, here stream ends and boundary follows up as marked, piles of stones and ridges up to Puuokihe, boundary runs over the top, and on to a pile of stones on sand and aa, a burying place of Hamakua people in olden times. Kaohe joins mauka and it is also the end of Koholalele. I saw that the land Koholalele was surveyed to that point, above Puuokihe. Kaohe joins mauka to Iolehaehae; and Kaala joins. I went with Samuela to survey Kukaiau, and saw here the kamaainas pointed out the boundaries; from Iolehaehae a small stream is the boundary , and at Pohulimukale the stream becomes deep; thence along the stream which is the boundary, to land of Kaawikiwiki, and along that stream boundary, and along 2 Keakualele to Kalepoulaula, and on along Kekualele, in woods to Kaao, at Kanamanu, here boundary leaves the stream, and goes along about (a mile perhaps) as far as from here to the Mill at Waiakea, and joining another stream which is the boundary to sea. Sea bounds on North.
Kainehe goes nearly through the woods. Pohulimukale is mauka of woods, the kamaainas say Laala joins Kukaiau up to Iolehaehae. Humuula does not. I am not certain where Hapuukahi is. Panelua and Kauwahi were the kamaainas in 1865 when we surveyed the land. That is the way I saw the boundaries. Do not know here Palapala or Kuaialii are.

Charles Notley, jr. sworn, know the land Kukaiau, the last 5 years. I went with the surveyor James Gay, in June 1880, Kahookaamoku and Kaualoha were the kamaainas who showed us the boundaries. I went with them all around the land. J. Gay surveyed the bounds as pointed out by these kamaainas. This is the pl ....

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Kukaiau Ahupuaa, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, Hawaii, Volume C, No. 4, pp. 3-6

No. 141

Certificate of Boundaries of the Land of Kukaiau, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii

Land Commission Award No. [left blank]

Commission of Boundaries, Third Judicial Circuit,
F.S. Lyman, Esquire, Commissioner

In the Matter of the Boundaries of the Land of Kukaiau, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii

An application to decide and certify the Boundaries of the Land of Kukaiau, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, having been filed with me on the 11th day of December 1880 by Charles Notley, the present owner of said land, in accordance with the provision of an Act to facilitate the settlement of Boundaries, &c., approved on the 22nd day of June A.D. 1868; now, therefore, having duly received and heard all the testimony offered in reference to the said boundaries, and having endeavored otherwise to obtain all information possible to enable me to arrive at a just decision, which will more fully appear by reference to the records of this matter by me kept in Book No. 2 B, page 448, and it having been decided in the Circuit Court, Third Judicial District, Hawaiian islands, on appeal, at the November term A.D. 1881, that the true, lawful and equitable boundaries, are as follows, viz.: (in Book No. 4, C, page 3) “The Northeast corner of this land at the sea beach is the centre of the gulch dividing this land and the land known as Kaao. The boundary runs thence up the centre of said gulch, which is called Kukaiau Gulch. The notes of survey are as follows and are run on the east side of the Gulch.

South 15° 22' East (true) 1600 links to the top of terrace (from whence the Government trig. stations bear: Piale [triangle with dot in center]; 31' west; Puunalu [triangle with dot in center] South 47° 12' East; Puuikihe [page 4] South 23° 4' West [triangle with dot in center], Iolehaehae South 18.13 West; thence

South 31° 2' West (true) 1816 links crossing gulch to place called Moanu
South 12° 44' West (true) 506 links up ridge;
South 30° 35' West (true) 662 links;
South 31° 7' West (true) 640 links;
South 14° 35' West (true) 600 links to the top of Auhuhu hill;
South 10° 14' East (true) 1376 links;
South 52° 10' West (true) 1193 links to makai side of Government Road, place called Manuhelelei down in the centre of Gulch on mauka side of road crossing marked [arrow up]
South 23° 43' West (true) 2075 links to place called Okolepohopoho;
South 76° 59' West (true) 660 links;
South 16° 0' West (true) 6775 links up ridge to opposite forks in Gulch;
South 60° 32' West (true) 671 links crossing small Gulch;
South 12° 40' West (true) 2175 links at 500 on this line enters forest, crosses small gulch;
South 36° 50' East (true) 1500 links to place called Kaleike, 500 East of boundary Gulch;
South (true) 1375 links up side of Gulch;
South 27° 15' West (true) 1855 links cross a gulch and on to point of spur called Kahaleuli, an old mamake settlement;
South 7° 40' West (true) 1770 links, at 800 crosses small Gulch in Junction marked [up arrow] place called Kapalanihauna;
South 66° 8' East (true) 404 links up side of Gulch;
South 3° 0' East (true) 1950 links; this is as far as the Gulch is taken as the boundary, as it metres out from here, the boundary is as follows:

South 29° 40' west (true) 3015 links up narrow ridge to open space called Kanamanu, at the head of the Government land of Kaao, stones set thus [inverted V of 5 dots] and marked [up arrow] on the West bank of Poholimukele Gulch, a rock in said Gulch on makai of road crossing, marked [up arrow]; this gulch from here is the boundary between this land and Kekualele, a government land, the survey as follows:

South 19° 20' West (true) 5600 links crossing on to East bank of Gulch on the West of this line at 700 links [page 5] a mark in Gulch [up arrow]
South 14° 20' West (true) 5430 links at 4430 on this line get through woods to Halelole.
South 24° 44' west (true) 1360 links crossing to hill on West of Gulch (from whence Iolehaehae bears South 18° 14' West Puuokihe South 27.55 East; Papalekoki South 52.45 West)
South 14° 30' West (true) 8800 links up West of boundary gulch to small hill;
South 13° 36' East (true) 7569 links crossing gulch to hill 7 chains East of boundary Gulch
South 20° 46' West (true) 2700 links to rock marked JGAY [up arrow] KAALA from whence Iolehaehae bears South 26° 15' West; Papalekoki South 63° 16' West;
South 84° 6' West (true) 2775 links crossing a small Gulch on to spur;
South 36° 47' West (true) 4800 links at 760 links with [up arrow] in Gulch at Laumaia Road crossing;
South 14° 30' West (true) 14900 links up General run of Gulch (taking the line as the boundary, as the Gulch breaks off into small branches).
South 37° 30' West (true) 5000 links up to Government trig station on Iolehaehae;
South 16° 30' West (true) 1425 links, thence the Southern boundary of this land runs along the Land of Kaohe;
North 41° 02' West (true) 7946 links to the southeast corner of Koholalele, which is the southwest corner of this land;
North 6 ½° East (true) 14.25 chains to the top of “Puuokiha;”
(North 6 ½° East true) 134.25 chains to angle; Thence
North 8° East (true) 77.- chains to the Laumaia Road; Thence
North 15° East (true) 37 chains to a pile of rocks on the top of a small hill called Kahupohako”, Thence
North 20° East (true) 84 chains;
North 22° East (true) 50 chains to the Kalapahapuu Gulch (The centre of this Gulch is the boundary between these lands from this point); Thence
North 40° (true) 50 chains
North 20° West (true) 31 chains, enter Forest;
North 2° East (true) 31.80 chains;
North 11° East (true) 47.20 chains;
North 28° East (true) 40.- chains to a rock marked X at the head of the Government Land “Kainehe,” at this point the Gulch forks. Thence [page 6] down the East fork, along the boundary of Kainehe, middle of Gulch;
North 13° 50' East (true) 7480 links to lower edge of Forest, called Kaawa;
North 27° 40' East (true) 746 links to place called Kikiki;
North 4° 45' East (true) 3500 links close to place called Ipou;
North 41° 15' East (true) 2620 links;
North 5° 30' west (true) 1540 links down East side of boundary Gulch to place above Puuheu spring;
North 12° 25' East (true) 2250 links to place called Kaeleele;
North 1° 26' West (true) 2000 links to Kahonu mark [up arrow] makai of Government Road;
North 17° 55' East (true) 2640 links;
North 35° East (true) 1770 links;
North 15° 34' East (true) 502 links, from this station Government station on Piele bears South 36.2 West.
North 11° 9' West (true) 326 links along West side of Gulch;
North 8° 37' East (true) 952 links crossing the Gulch to East terrace to a point just below the junction of the forks of Gulch, the lower end of Kainehe being at the junction. Thence, from the lower end of Kainehe, down the Gulch which is the boundary between this Land and Kohoalele.
North 19° East (true) 24 chains to the sea (in the centre of the Gulch 55 links from the pali overhanging the sea a mark thus [up arrow] is on a large Rock). Thence from the East side of the Gulch, which is called Kalapahapuu;
South 59° 30' East (true) 6000 links along the sea shore to the point of commencement
Area contained 6,188 acres, more or less.

It is therefore adjudged and I do hereby decide and certify that the boundaries of the said land are, and hereafter shall be as hereinbefore set forth.

Given under my hand at Hilo, Island of Hawaii, the eighth day of April A.D. one thousand eight hundred and eighty two.
F.S. Lyman, Commissioner of Boundaries

[No. 141, Kukaiau Ahupuaa, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, 6188 acres, 1882]