Boundary Commission

Certification: 022
Ahupua`a Kawela
District: Hamakua
Island Hawaii
Ownership: Kamehameha V
Year: 1873
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Kawela Ahupuaa, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, Hawaii, Volume A, No. 1, pps 99-103

No. 22

The Ahupuaa of Kawela, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, 3d Judicial Circuit

On this, the eighteenth day of April A.D. 1873, the commission of Boundaries met at Mana, Hamakua, Hawaii. The application of His Excellency, C.R. Bishop, acting for His Majesty, the King, for the settlement of the boundaries of the Ahupuaa Kawela, situated in the District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, came on to be heard before the undersigned, after notice of the time of hearing personally served on the Agent of the owners of the adjoining lands.

Present: S.C. Wiltse on the part of the applicant, the Commissioner of Crown lands, Estate M. Kekuanaoa and the Hawaiian Government.
S.C. Wiltse read the petition of applicant in the following words.

Honolulu, April 1st, 1873

R.A. Lyman, Esquire, Commissioners [sic] of Boundaries &c., Hawaii
The undersigned, acting for His Majesty, the King, would respectfully ask that the boundaries of the Land called Kawela, in Hamakua, Hawaii, may be defined and settled. The survey of said land, and the note of the same, are in the possession of Mr. S.C. Wiltse of Hamakua, who will attend at the hearing of evidence, and act on behalf of the King. The Land of Kawela is bounded by the sea, by the land of Honokaia belonging to his late Majesty, Kamehameha V, and by the Land of Kuilei, formerly belonging to Her Royal Highness, V. Kamamalu.
Respectfully, (signed) C.R. Bishop

For evidence as to boundaries between Kawela and Honokaia, see No. 21, Folios 94, 95 & 96 and Certificate of Boundaries No. 21, Folios 97 and 98.

Makaenaena, kane, sworn, says, I has born at Kawela, Hamakua, Hawaii, before the first collecting of sandalwood by Boki, and have alway[s] lived on lands of Kawela and Honokaia. I am a kamaaina of these lands. My Father, Moopu, showed me the boundaries. He is dead. He was a bird catcher and I used to go into the woods with him catching birds, and he pointed out the boundaries of these lands, so that I should not take birds from other lands. The land of Kawela is bounded on the makai side by the sea, on the North side by Honokaia; East side by Kuilei and Au 1st, and on the mauka side by Au 1st. The fisheries belonging to Kawela in olden times extended a long way out to sea. The boundary between lands of Kawela and Kuilei is at a rock in the center of the Kainapahoa gulch at the shore. The boundary between these two lands runs mauka for [from] the rock at the sea shore in the center of gulch to a hill covered with sumac trees or bushes called Puulei. The boundary at this point leaves [page 100] the gulch and runs up the old iwiaina to Keawemanu, an ahua, with small ohia trees on it, where the land of Kuilei is cut off by land of Au 1st at an old road. From this point the boundary between Kawela and Au 1st runs mauka in the old road to a pali called Puunalopaka; Thence mauka to a kualap ....

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.... ge of woods; thence
South 16° East 8.75 chains; thence
South 3° East 12.00 chains to Kauluawaa; Thence
South 8.00 chains to a kukui tree marked X; Thence
South 20° West 6.00 chains; Thence
South 40° West 3.50 chains; Thence
South 39° West 6.00 chains to an ohia tree marked X; Thence
South 3° East 5.00 chains to grove of ohia tree at Kuhana; Thence
South 11° West 15.00 chains to ohia tree marked X near place on Honokaia called Ohiakiiheilele; Thence
South 20° West 6.50 chains to an ohia tree marked X at Kawelaloa; Thence
South 35 1/2° West 18.00 chains to an ohia tree marked X at Kawahine; Thence
South 3° East 12.00 chains to head of small valley; Thence
South 3° East 7.50 chains to angle; Thence
South 10° East 13.50 chains to ohia tree marked X at Inoino; Thence
South 15° East 17.00 chains; Thence
South 4° East 16.00 chains; Thence
South 12° West 16.50 chains to pali called Palinui; Thence
South 2° West 11.50 chains to Pohokai; Thence
South 30° West 10.00 chains; Thence
South 10° West 4.00 chains crossing Inoino gulch to Pohopumaia; Thence
South 7° East 18.00 chains to top of a small hill; Thence
South 25° East 4.00 chains; Thence
South 20° West 23.00 chains to a large ohia tree marked XXX standing on the West side of the Kawela trail near a hole of water in the Inoino gulch by Nahaleopa (a puu pahoehoe in gulch), the mauka Southwest corner of this land; Thence across the head of [page 103] this land, along the land of Au
South 75° East 50 an ohia tree four feet in diameter marked K. This tree stands on the pali Kealewalewa 9.00 chains from ohia tree near Nahaleopa and is the Southeast corner of Kawela. Thence makai along Au as follows
North 18 1/2° East 58.50 chains to an ohia tree marked X; Thence
North 4° East 60.00 chains to an ohia tree marked X; Thence
North 14° East 28.00 chains to an ohia tree marked X; Thence
North 20° East 45.00 chains to an ohia tree on East side of trail marked K; Thence
North 16° East64.00 chains to an ohia tree marked X at an ahua covered with small ohia trees called Keawemanu; thence along the land of Kuilei
North 21° East 4.00 chains; Thence
North 14° East 11.50 chains; Thence
North 3° East 11.00 chains to an ohia tree marked X at place called Nahaleokumoa. Puulei bears North 6° East from this point. Thence
North 6° East 11.00 chains to the center of Kainapahoa gulch; Thence the boundary between Kawela and Kuilei follows the center of the gulch to a large rock called Kahuinakii at the mouth of the gulch at the sea shore; thence along the sea shore to the place of commencement, and containing an area of 1255 acres more or less.
R.A. Lyman, Commissioner of Boundaries, 3d Judicial Circuit

Note, Surveyed by S.C. Wiltse
Costs in full paid by applicant
Book of Costs lost on wreck of Schooner Caroline Mills at Honokaa Hamakua, Hawaii, May 1878

[No. 22, Kawela Ahupuaa, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, 1255 acres, 1873]